Friday, February 19, 2010

Money for off reserve native housing

The Matawa First Nations are getting over 3 million dollars for off reserve housing units. The funding will allow Matawa to either build new houses or to buy exisiting homes. It's part of a 7 million dollar pool of taxpayers dollars that is being spread among native non profit housing agencies in Thunder Bay, Red Lake and Kenora.

City gets funds for green transportation study

The province is giving the city of Thunder Bay almost 40 thousand dollars towards a transportation study. MPP Bill Mauro says the study will help to improve on green transportation choices for citizens. Its to support municipalities who are encouraging the public to use public transportation more than they do now. Mauro says it will be up to the city to decide which direction they would like to take the study

More cash for health research

Around 250 thousand dollars is going to the Health Sciences Centre and the District Health Unit for two new research studies. Doctor Rhonda Crocker Ellacot says the study at the regional will focus on patient falls.
The regional is getting 220 thousand dollars for the two

Honorary Indian released

A local author is hoping people will get a better understanding of themselves from her first book. Sandi Boucher wrote Honorary Indian as an autobiography to tell of the trials she has overcome and pass on a few life lessons she has learned.  Boucher also wants to share the gifts and traditions of First Nations people.  It tells of her struggles after the early death of her first child and how that profoundly changed her life and how she thinks.

Wind turbine debate rages on

Tonight the group that is against the wind farm on the Nor' Wester Mountains is holding a meeting at the ATAC building at Lakehead University. They'll present two speakers who will back their health fears about the wind turbines. Meantime, the public relations firm that represents the wind turbine developers, Firedog Communications, is allowing local media to interview a British scientist. Geoff Leventhall has written a book that debunks the so called "Wind Turbine Syndrome"

Keith Hobbs on the verge of mayoral announcement

It appears that Lynn Peterson may have a challenger for the mayors chair. Keith Hobbs of the city police has indicated on his Facebook page that he will be retiring next month. Once that's made official he says he'll be in a position to make his intentions on running for mayor known. There is already a Facebook site dedicated to the cause and the website has been tracking his support.

Students will be rocking the Gardens at the Cavendish Cup

Were just over a month away from Cavendish Cup and the city is already gearing up. The Thunderwolves announced a new program aimed at getting more students into the stands. LUSU president Dave Grad says LUSU has partnered with SUCCI, the Thunderwolves, RBC and the Keg to provide affordable tickets to students.  Thunderwolves Executive Director Jason Mallon says having more students at the games will bring the atmosphere in the Gardens over the top.