Thursday, September 8, 2011

Horwath rallies troops

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is calling out the Liberal Government for sending out press releases attacking her Northern Ontario platform. Horwath says if the McGuinty Liberals want to attack her policies they can take part in a Northern Ontario specific debate set in the region. Horwath spoke to a crowd of party faithful at the Lakehead Labour Centre Thursday night.

Speeders nabbed the first day of school

City police say too many drivers are speeding near schools. They say on the first day of school this year over 50 tickets were handed out to lead footed drivers. City traffic Sgt. Glenn Porter says he's not surprised saying it usually takes drivers several days to adapt to new situations.  Police say one woman was clocked going almost 100 in a 50 km an hour community safety zone.

LU and Metis Nation sign "historic" agreement

Lakehead University is making its mark in the Aboriginal community with the signing of an agreement with the Metis Nation of Ontario. President Brian Stevenson says the Memorandum of Understanding takes the relationship between the two parties to a new level by opening up more opportunities for Metis students.  LU becomes the 10th postsecondary institution in the Province to sign such an agreement with the Metis.

Liberals attack NDP Northern platform

The Liberals are claiming that the NDP will ban all development in the Far North.  They say the NDP plan to repeal the Far North Act and instead put a climate change plan in place. The Liberals are also against the NDP's mining policy.  Northern Development, Mines and Forestry Minister Michael Gravelle says the NDP mining scheme is bad policy that would hurt foreign investment.  The NDP plan would make it law that resources that can be processed in Ontario won't be shipped away elsewhere.

Bruce Hyer talks Parliament resuming

Members of Parliament head back to work in Ottawa on September 19th.  Thunder Bay Superior North MP Bruce Hyer says his party will be able to carry on former Leader Jack Layton's vision.  The party will look at holding a leadership election in 2012.

CPR is the centre of a new study

An international study on CPR and Defribulation is looking to Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue and Superior North EMS.  EMS Spokesperson Mario Audet says the study's aim is to remove un-needed proceedures to help save lives. Audet says providing CPR and defribulation as soon as possible are vital for saving lives.

Sheelagh Hendrick gets promotion

The City has found someone to cover Crime Prevention Coordinator Amy Siciliano's maternity leave.  Spokesperson Karen Lewis says they've promoted from within.  Sheelagh Hendrick starts her new job September 19th.  Hendrick is currently the Deputy City Clerk.

United Way wants 2.5 million dollars

The United Way is ready to raise funds for the 27 local charities it supports.  Co-Chair Shelley Trewin says this year's goal is just over 2.5 million dollars.  The 2011 fundraising goal was announced at the organization's campaign breakfast Thursday at the Valhalla Inn. 

Police auction off goods

Thunder Bay Police are auctioning off unclaimed property tonight.  60 bikes are up for grabs.  The event kicks off at 6:30 at the police station on Balmoral.