Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Residents attend Open House

Another step in the City's Official Planning process is underway. An Open House was held at the West Thunder Community Centre on Tuesday. Councillor Iain Angus says it's important to allow the public a say because the Official Plan should reflect the citizen's wishes. A steady stream of people came by and it appeared to be well attended by a cross section of groups including the Friends of Big Thunder, the Field Naturalists and a neighbourhood community group.

Former School is now a condominium

The former Fort William Collegiate Institute is now a condo building.  Habib Architects has started selling the first phase of units in the 99 unit building of what is now called the Heritage Suites Condominiums.  People should be able to move in at the end of this year.

Its costs more to eat healthy in the North

Its more expensive to eat here than it is in Southern Ontario.  That's according to a study done by the District Health Unit.  Nutritionist Catherine Schwartz Mendez says the annual nutritious food basket survey shows its costs about 60 dollars more a month to eat healthy in the North.

Lakehead tops in application increase

Lakehead University is number one when it comes to the increase in student applications.  The school is seeing a jump of 12.6 percent in applications this year which is way above the provincial average of 2.4. 

More police testimony at trial

The Michael Kelly First Degree Murder trial is continuing in a Thunder Bay courtroom.  On the stand for much of Tuesday was Bill Wowchuk a Detective Constable with the city police who was investigating the disappearance and death of Judie Thibault.  During cross examination Wowchuk testified that prior to 2007 there was a wiretap put on Kelly while Kelly was in New Brunswick.  Wowchuk added that when he handed the case to the OPP, there was still no evidence linking Kelly to Thibault's death

Big bashes raise big $

A local charity is 41 thousand dollars richer thanks to the money raised by two local Christmas homecoming parties. John deBakker says he and Stewart Kennedy enjoyed putting on the event.  The proceeds are going to Our Kids Count.

More video evidence in court

The Michael Kelly murder trail is close to the halfway mark now. Tuesday, court saw a video of a 40 minute interview police did with Kelly on December 4, 2000. It was part of the ongoing probe into the disappearance of Judie Thibault. The Jury was told that at the time, Kelly was considered a "person of interest". Kelly is heard saying the police "keep asking the same questions over and over again". Kelly is charged in Thibault's death last decade.

Habitat does it for the 22nd time

Another Thunder Bay family is benefiting from a new Habitat for Humanity home. Rutland Williams was able to take ownership because local residents sold out Habitat's fundraising raffle last year, a deed Williams doesn't take for granted. He says he's happy to be in his new home which is located on Johnson Avenue.

Hobbs on dropping weight

If your struggling with exercise and diet you can take solice that our own Mayor is in the same boat.  Keith Hobbs is embarking on a weight loss challenge similar to Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford. Hobbs wants to drop 15 pounds which will bring him to his goal weight of 210 pounds.

Police running out of space for evidence

City Police are running out of room for their over 27-thousand pieces of evidence.  Chief JP Levesque says they may have to find another space to hold evidence.  Levesque says if they're forced to find more storage room the cost will come out of this year's budget.

Wolf spotted in South Neebing

City Police are looking into a wolf spotting in South Neebing over the weekend. Chief JP Levesque says it all started with a photo that was sent to City Councillor Linda Rydholm. Levesque says they'll be looking into how they handle predators in City limits.

Deer issue won't go away

The topic of hunting deer within city limits is being brought up again.  Henry Wojack is calling on the Police to provide stats on how many motor vehicle accidents involve deer and whether speed played a role.  Wojack also suggested to the Police Service Board this morning a possible solution would be to lower the speed limit in city limits.

Police Budget increases

The Federal Government's decision to increase unemployment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan is having an impact on Thunder Bay Police. The 2012 police services budget will cost another point three percent. City Council still needs to approve the police budget.