Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newmarket man dinged for hunting offences

A Toronto area man's bank account is 68 hundred dollars lighter. A judge in Thunder Bay has fined him for illegal hunting offences from last year. It was for firing his gun carelessly, transporting more grouse that he was allowed to and having another person's moose game seal. Conservation officers orginally charged the man after a road check near Schreiber last October.

Heart and Stroke gives money

Atikokan and Thunder Bay will share just over 8-thousand dollars from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Thunder Bay Heart and Stroke Spokesperson Wendy Savoy says the money will go towards advocating against childhood obesity.  Savoy says statisics show that this generation of kids likely won't outlive their parents.  The Northwestern Ontario Women's Centre received 5 thousand dollars and the Atikokan Youth Initiatives group will be using over 3 thousand dollars.

Accident sents one person to hospital

One person is recovering from an injury following a traffic accident at Highway 61 and Arthur Street this morning. OPP say that the mishap which occured just before 11 o'clock just after it began to rain. Police say that a vehicle was being towed. At the stoplight the victim went out to check on the tow when a third vehicle collided into the rear and pinned him. The extent of the person's injuries aren't known but are not considered life threatening.

Minor injuries in mishap

There are only minor injuries to report after a multi-vehicle accident during the noon hour on Fort William Road at Central Avenue.    Fire and Ambulance personnel attended along with police.  It caused some minor traffic issues for about an hour.  

Morning fire at LU

Lakehead University got a scare this morning, after smoke filled the Braun Building. Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue had to deal with a student experiment gone awry in a science lab, according to District Chief David Grant. He says that some chemicals caught on fire and ignited nearby egg cartons and the room was evacuated. There was plenty of smoke from the incident, otherwise damage is minor, with no injuries to report

Ring of Fire conference killed

Marten Falls First Nation has called off it's Ring of Fire emerging business conference. Companies were told they would have to pay for a meeting with the first nation. 5 thousand dollars gets a meeting with the first nation and 350 dollars would allow interested companies to participate in the opening presentations. Chief Eli Moonias says he doesn't like the way the fees for the conference were being portrayed. Moonias says they have no plans to reschedule the conference and if companies want to meet with them they can schedule a flight into their community.

The Thunder Bay Art Gallery has a new curator

The Thunder Bay Art Gallery has a new curator. Nadia Kurd has taken over the post and made it through her first day on the job Monday. The 31 year old has a bachelor degree in fine arts from the University of Ottawa and a Masters from York University.  Kurd says Thunder Bay is a beautiful community and is enjoying her time here.

Housing starts continue to stay strong in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is having a solid year for housing starts. So far this year there has been 101 starts, during the same time last year there was 85 starts. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation's Warren Philp says July did see a small dip in numbers with 28 single starts last month compared to 2009 which saw 37 starts. Philp says so far this year there has been a total housing start increase of just under 20 percent.

Potts apologizes to Privacy Commissioner

A senior administrator at the Health Sciences Centre is saying sorry to the Privacy Commissioner. Scott Potts says there was no intention on the hospital's part to not tell Ann Cavoukian about the private health records that were found blowing around on a city street last week.   He says if it was the expectation of her office to have been contacted about the situation earlier the hospital apologizes for that.    While there is no legal requirement to tell the Privacy Commissioner, Cavoukian was upset she had to learn about the story through media reports