Monday, February 7, 2011

Man flys to Thunder Bay with fireworks

An Ottawa man recently flew to Thunder Bay and claims airport security missed something. Mark Bennett says he flew here over a week ago via Toronto and security overlooked some fireworks in his carry on bag. He says it included a Roman eight-ball candle, Roman 10-ball candle, a big pack of extra-large sparklers and an airbomb. He says he didn't notice them until he was ready to fly back to Ottawa. Bennett is concerned about lax security. The government agency responsible for security had no comment.

Military may sack Mubarak says prof

Lakehead University's Laure Paquette says we may be days away from a change in government in Egypt. The political expert says if Hosni Mubarak doesn't step down willingly he may be forced to do so by someone with a rank. Paquette says to watch for the protests and violence to spread to more cities.

NAN looks at drug strategy

The Nishnawbe Aski Nation is looking at creating a drug strategy of it's own. Grand Chief Stan Beardy says NAN leaders are concerned about the abuse of prescription drugs in their communities.  Beardy's hoping they can somehow connect with the city of Thunder Bay's proposed strategy

Walk takes in 38K

The annual Walk for Memories by the Thunder Bay Alzheimers Society took in a sizeable amount on the weekend.  The Intercity Mall event raised almost 38 thousand dollars with more expected to roll in later in the month.

Hillier hints at sweetheart hydro deal

The Opposition at Queens Park are hinting at a possible sweetheart deal for Cliff's Natural Resources. The mining company says high energy prices may force them to build a chromite smelter outside the province.   Conservative Northern Affairs critic Randy Hillier says it's  unacceptable for a government to indicate that they may set one hydro price for one company while other companies are suffering

50 year old woman dies in Dryden fire

One person is reported dead in an apartment fire in Dryden. Fire crews were called around 5 o'clock Sunday morning.  They forced their way into the complex and found an unconscious woman.Teams searched all 10-apartments and moved everyone from the building to a local Hotel.  Some were treated for smoke inhalation. The cause of that fire isn't known.  The Dryden Police and the Ontario Fire Marshal's office are investigating.  

NDP Leader condemns HST in Thunder Bay

The Leader of the Provincial NDP is taking another shot at the HST. Andrea Horwath was in Thunder Bay today and says scrapping the HST on home heating bills would benefit people in the Northwest. She says the McGuinty government is out of touch with Northerners. She says the HST is costing people in the Northwest 50-60 dollars each month in extra heating costs and with living expenses already higher than other parts of the province, people are suffering.