Thursday, November 4, 2010

City still has chatty driver

Thunder Bay drivers  aren't getting the message.  Police say that many are still driving while talking on a cell phone months after it became against the law.   They say a recent enforcement blitz resulted in 16 charges for driving with a handheld device.   The penalty for that infraction is 155 dollars.

Gary Doer on Fort Frances Border Woes

It appears the message hasn't been lost on Canadian officials as they try to ease problems American hunters and fishermen have encountered heading into Northern Ontario.  Our Ambassador to the U-S, Gary Doer says one of the big issues is Americans entering on previous drinking and driving convictions.  Doer says we also have to get the message out that the Americans can also apply to have those convictions forgiven after a period of time.  The Northern Ontario tourism industry says the problem has meant thousands of dollars worth of business being lost.

Stevenson set for new phase

The new era for Lakehead University begins Friday.   Brian Stevenson officially gets installed as university president.  Stevenson says the day is about celebrating a new phase in the university's history and a new direction they'll be taking with the rest of the community.

"Dr. Bob" pleased with progress

Bob Rosehart is back in Thunder Bay for a visit. The former Lakehead University president was also paid by the McGuinty government to advise what could be done for the Northwestern Ontario economy. Rosehart says he's pleased with the progress with his recommendations.   Rosehart says he'd still like to see action on getting improvements made to elementary education in the far north.

Fort Hope gets visitors

Fort Hope First Nation welcomed representatives from both levels of Government yesterday.  The wives of the Governor General and Ontario's Lieutenant General toured the community that recently declared a state of emergency.  Former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Phil Fontaine says the arsons and murders in the community all stem from poverty.  Fontaine says he feels for the community and understands that it's a huge challenge.

Students begin remembrance vigil

Students at Churchill High School are joining students from across Canada in a week of remembrance.   Principal Rowan Seymore says during the vigil the names of the 16 thousand Canadians killed during World War One will be projected for students to see in the school and at night it will be projected outside on the school gym wall.

Ministry probes industrial accident

The Ministry of Labour continues to investigate an industrial accident involving a backhoe.  A construction worker was injured Thursday after the bucket of a backhole hit him in the chest and pinned him to the wall.  Ministry Spokesperson William Lynn says it could be several days before investigators have an update. The construction worker was sent to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Cold weather in November

Its going to be a cold one out there tonight. Environment Canada's Jim Prime says a high pressure system will being pushing cold northern air into our area which drop the temperature into the minuses. He says it'll be cold but we won't see much snow. The temperatures should jump back up towards the double digits on the plus side by early next week.

Thunder Bay a target market for Hilton International

Local developers that want to build a Hampton Inn on Airport Authority Land still need to formally apply to Hilton International. Company spokesperson Tom Lorenzo says the project is looking good, and Thunder Bay has always been a market they've wanted to target. He feels the local developers could get approval from Hilton in three weeks and have a target construction date of Spring. Lorenzo says the project not only needs Hilton approval but needs to be approved by the City and the Airport Authority as well.

Aboriginal Outreach Program Launched

Lakehead University and the Royal Bank are teaming up to inspire first nations youth.  They launched their joint "Aboriginal Outreach Program" Thursday at St. Patricks High School.  Spokesperson Beverly Sabourin says it all starts with Aboriginal Discovery Day at the University.  Students from across the region will be invited to tour the Lakehead campus this spring.  Students will also be matched up with aboriginal University students and a representative from the Royal Bank as part of a mentor program.  The program is a one year pilot project running on funds provided by the Royal Bank.

Fontaine speaks to high school students

The former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations is hoping to inspire aboriginal students.  Phil Fontaine is part of the Royal Bank and Lakehead University's Aboriginal Outreach Program.  Fontaine says students are the future leaders of their communities. He stressed the importance of educaction and stresses students should set a goal of completing high school.  Fontaine says first nation students should look forward to attending post secondary school as it's key to succeeding in life. Fontaine spoke to St. Patrick High School students Thursday morning. 

Man hurt on the job

The Ministry of Labour is investigating an industrial accident at a construction site on Court Street.  A construction worker was hurt on the job at 920 Court Street. Police says a machine was working on a retainer wall behind the building when it tilted unexpectedly and hit an observer in the chest.   District Chief Allan Grey says he was taken to hospital with unknown injuries.  Sgt. Shawn Mulligan says they're containing the scene and awaiting the investigators from the Ministry of Labour.