Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meeting To Tackle Beds Issue

The Thunder Bay Health Coalition isn't letting a long term care home on James Street close without a fight.  Coalition spokesperson Suzanne Pulice says the closure would mean a longer waiting list for such care in the city  The Coalition along with the Service Employees Union, is holding a public meeting tonight at the Lakehead Labour Centre to discuss the issue. It starts at 7 pm.

Lakehead Schools Alternative Policy

The Lakehead Public School Board is in the process of developing an alternative school policy.  Superintendent of Education Colleen Kappel says it's going to come in handy when they receive requests to develop an alternative school.  Thunder Bay had an alternative school but it was forced to close down due to a lack of funds.

The Great Cat Giveaway

The Humane Society is trying to avoid a catastrophe.  Spokesperson Maryann Kleynendorst says they've got too many cats at their shelter so they have decided to give them away. She says they are taking care of 110 felines where they normally handle 60 to 70 cats. In an effort to ease that pressure they've decided to waive the 75 dollar adoption fee.   Kleynendorst says even though they are giving away the cats it's hoped some people will provide the society with a donation.

FCM Infrastructure Report

Thunder Bay is joining the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' call for more Federal funding for infrastructure.  Councillor Larry Hebert says the City has an infrastructure defecit and there's a need for more funding since every day our infrastructure ages.  The FCM report card on infrastructure was launched today in Ottawa and here in Thunder Bay. 

One Man Dead In Apartment Fire

One man is dead after last night's apartment complex fire on Limbrick Street. Fire Deputy Chief Greg Hankkio says two others are injured. Hankkio says they're waiting for an investigator from the Ontario Fire Marshall's Office and the investigation will start this afternoon. The cause of the fire is still not known.

Police Make Arrest In Grandview Incident

Thunder Bay Police are charging a 52 year old man with invitation to sexual touching and assault.  It comes after a 14 year old boy told police he was approached by an older man in a washroom at the Grandview Mall.  The man was released and will appear in court on October 9th.

Manpower Releases Quarterly Survey Results

There will be a respectable hiring climate over the next three months in Thunder Bay.  Manpower's quarterly survey shows that 20 per cent of employers surveyed planned to hire for the upcoming three months.  The employment services company says another 70 per cent plan to at least maintain their staff levels.

Conservatory Future Back Up For Discussion

City Council is putting the breaks on buying 76-thousand dollars in netting for the Conservatory.  Council made the decision at it's Monday night meeting calling for the original report to come forward at their September 24th meeting.  Councillor Brian McKinnon says he wants all the options to be discussed.  McKinnon as well as five other councillors voted against spending the money on the netting.

Bear Breaks-In For Sloppy Joe's

By now we know that bears are wandering into the city for food but who knew they had such high standards. Police say a bear sighting was called in to them on King Road as a family was preparing dinner. By the time police arrived, the bear had entered and left through an open window and the sloppy joe's on the stove was gone.

Three Victims In South Side Fire

3 people are in hospital after an apartment complex fire on Limbrick Street. The blaze broke out just after 8 o'clock Monday night. Fire Chief John Hay says 2 men and a woman were sent to the hospital with injuries that vary in severity. Hay says so far there's extensive damage to one apartment building and some smoke and water damage in near by units. Hay adds they evacuated the building and hope to have the residents back in sometime Monday night.