Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rescue On Mount McKay

Rescue crews are up the side of Mount McKay this evening conducting an operation.  A fire official at the scene says a man was trying to parachute down when something went wrong and he injured himself.   They say the man was able to talk to rescuers via cell phone.   About 18 men are part of the rescue mission and it's not known how long it might take to complete.  The darkness and the location of the victim have been causing them problems.

Construction Season Slows Down

Construction on several regional infrastructure projects is wrapping up for the winter. The 2013 season was busy for construction crews who began work on a new bridge over the Nipigon River. Bridge replacement took place at the Little Wabigoon River, Melgund River, Bug River and both Nugget and Beaver Creek. Crews also resurfaced stretches of highways 17 just east of Terrace Bay, 72 at Sioux Lookout and 11.