Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poverty Reduction Funding

City council is considering giving the Lakehead Social Planning Council thirty-five thousand dollars to implement the city's Poverty Reduction Strategy. If approved the money would be put aside in the next budget. Future councils would also have to consider putting money aside from both 2015 and 2016 budgets.

Business Closure

The Finnish based company Metso is looking to save on annual costs and that will mean fifteen jobs being cut in the city. Metso is currently leasing a Thunder Bay facility, work will continue until April 30th when the lease expires.

Bridge Closure Keeps Causing Concerns

The Chief of the Fort William First Nation hopes to get answers December 5th from CN Rail about when the James Street Bridge will reopen to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.    Georjann Morriseau says with the main bridge to the community out of service since last month's fire, there is concern about getting emergency vehicles there in a timely manner. She says they might consider having emergency vehicles stationed in the community.  Morriseau says there is also the option of having temporary traffic lights at Highway 61 and Chippewa Road because of increased traffic at that intersection as a result of the bridge closure.