Saturday, March 12, 2011

L-U falls to Trinity Western 82-75

The L-U Thunderwolves men's basketball team's national championship hopes have been dashed. They fell 82-75 to Trinity Western in their quarter final game yesterday. L-U face the Acadia Axemen in a consolation match today.

Schaeffer inquest results in recommendations

Some recommendations for the OPP are coming out of the Levi Schaeffer inquest which wrapped up yesterday.

The recommendations include improved communication for officers in remote areas and that marine officers should have less lethal options such as pepper spray available when on patrol. Marine officers don't always wear their full duty belt (which has more non-lethal options) because its weight can make it hard to swim.

Also the jury recommended the OPP consider ongoing training for officers to better prepare them for interactions with individuals who suffer from mental illness such as Schaeffer.

The inquest examined the 2009 shooting death of Schaeffer by an OPP officer.

Men named in Italian warrant want to clear names

 Three Thunder Bay men named in an Italian police warrant want to clear their names.

Attorney Chris Watkins is representing Vito, Tony and Rocco Minella and says the men are shocked by the accusations. Watkins says the Italian law the men are charged under wouldn't even be constitutional in Canada.

The men are charged under an Italian law which forbids associating with mafia organizations. Watkins feels the law may be a human rights violation because a person can be charged just for speaking to the wrong person. According to Watkins, there are many examples of people in Italy being sent to prison under the law only to be found innocent years later.

The warrant was issued as part of a crackdown by Italian authorities on the Ndrangheta crime organization. The men aren't likely to face extradition because the crime the Italian warrant was issued for is not recognized in Canada.