Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crowd storms out of council chambers

Anti-wind farm supporters stormed out of last night's council meeting before the final vote was held.  Councillor Rebecca Johnson was speaking about how many early Thunder Bay residents could have been wary of hydro lines running up and down city streets, and how noisey some generators can be.  During her time on the mic, many of the anti-wind farm supporters left the chambers in droves.

Pullia tries to hold off vote

Councillor Frank Pullia tried to get a week extension on the proposed wind farm. Pullia wanted council to take an extra week and put off the vote until Monday night's meeting. Pullia feels more information is needed before a final decision can be made. Councillor Linda Rydholm seconded his motion but no one else from the table was willing to back it.

Deputants let council know how they feel

Deputation after deputation railed against the Horizon Wind Farm project on Tuesday night.  John Beals was one of five people to address council.  Beals says the wind park is masquerading as a green project.  He feels the only green part of the project is the money.  Beals notes they are very dissapointed in council's process saying they've met 14 times on the issue and most of it was behind closed doors.

Norwester Escarpment Group makes one last plea

The Norwester Escarpment Protection Committee spoke at what is expected to be the City's last wind turbine meeting.  President Irene Bond is calling on the City to vote for what the citizens want, and turn down the Horizon Wind project.  Bond says its an election issue and council is taking it off the table by pushing a decision through before the municipal election. 

Meeting gets bumpy start

City Council kicked off the final wind farm debate over two hours late. The special council meeting that was scheduled to start at 6:30 was put on hold while councillors discussed issues behind close doors.  Councillors filed into the meeting at 8:20. An anti-wind farm group protested at city hall earlier in the afternoon, and five deputations are expected this evening.

Murder case moves to next court phase

A 49 year old Thunder Bay man is to face a trial on a charge of second degree murder.  Harold Barr was order to stand trial following a recent preliminary court hearing.  He is charged in connection with the stabbing death of 49 year old Robert Good in August of last year at a North Edward Street apartment.   There's no indication when the trial will be held.

Man attacked on the north side

City police are trying to track down two people who are suspects in a north side assault.   They say a 42 year old man was attacked as he was getting into his parked vehicle at Junot and Red River Road. The incident took place at around 11:30. He told police he was able to drive himself to a friends home to get help.   Police believe he may have been targeted and that robbery didn't appear to be the motive.

Fundraising dinner on tap this weekend

The 11th annual Empty Bowls-Caring Hearts dinner takes place this weekend.  Organizer Nelly Readhead says  the money raised through the dinner and auction, goes to the Food Bank and Shelter House.   Last year they both split 15 thousand dollars.  The event will be held at the Moose Hall.

Poverty Free Thunder Bay to launch next week

Dealing with poverty issues in the city is the aim of Poverty Free Thunder Bay.   Spokesperson Catherine Schwartz Mendez says the group will not only help to focus on poverty in the community, but will take a political stand too.   Poverty Free Thunder Bay will be introduced to the city next week.

A sweet way to cheer on the T-Wolves

Tim Horton's Donuts is helping to promote the L-U Thunderwolves. It's come out with a donut that is decorated with yellow and blue sprinkles. Store owner Christine Youngs says the promotion is add another dimension to the company's current sponsorship of the team.Youngs says the T-Wolves donuts will be available through the hockey season.

Transit strike is looking more and more likely

It looks like you'll need a different way to get to work tomorrow morning if you rely on city transit. Amalgamated Transit Union spokesperson Charlie Brown says they presented a proposal to the city Thursday but haven't heard back.  Brown says unless something changes, transit services will cease at midnight tonight and union members will be picketing at city hall tomorrow morning.

One man dies in ATV accident

It was a tragic long weekend for a 64 year old Prescott man. He was killed when he left highway 801 and hit a large rock Sunday. Greenstone OPP are investigating the accident and say Bruce Pankhurst was pronounced dead at the scene.