Friday, March 25, 2011

Waterfront project has extra staff

The City of Thunder Bay has hired a part time employee to over see the Waterfront project.  City Manager Tim Commisso says it's because the project is becoming more complex.  The Mayor has said he wants the project micro-managed and asked for the extra position.

Calandar Parking over

Most of the snow is gone from the roads; and so is calendar parking.  You can now park on either side of the street.

Student Housing By-laws to be discussed

Administration is recommending to council they hold off on enforcing by-laws that impact student housing. The current by-law prohibits people from renting out more than three rooms in their home. City Lawyer Rosalie Evans says they want to waive those by-laws to allow for affordable housing. Council will make a decision on the request by mid-April.

Comuzzi-Stehmann on election

Maureen Comuzzi-Stehmann carries the Conservative banner in Thunder Bay-Rainy River.  It's her first campaign, but is eager to help the Tories win the riding by showcasing projects helped by programs initiated under Prime Minister Harper.  Comuzzi-Stehmann says her team is already in place and has her campaign headquarters set up in Thunder Bay

Earth Hour Saturday

Thunder Bay residents are being asked to turn off their lights tomorrow from 8:30 until 9:30 in recognition of Earth Hour.  The city has supported the program since its inception and will be handing out prizes for participants who power down for those 60 minutes.

RegenMed gets official donor designation

Another first for Thunder Bay's knowledge based economy. The Centre for Regenerative Medicine, which recycles human bone and tissue,  now has designation from the Trillium Gift of Life Network in Ontario.  CEO Robert Thayer says it essentially gives the non profit company a new lease on life.  They now have the legal right to be a bone and tissue bank for the Regional Health Sciences Centre.

Public $ for safe cycling

EcoSuperior is getting 115 thousand dollars in public funds to teach people how to ride a bike safely. The city's Adam Krupper helped EcoSuperior get the grant says it will be used to teach the teachers about the CAN-BIKE Safe Cycling Education Program.   The money comes from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Thunder Bay has it's say

Thunder Bay residents seem to be split on whether they want a spring election or not.  Our newsroom hit the streets to see what the public had to say.

Two arrested for breaking into vehicles

For the second time in the last two days city police have arrested someone for breaking into vehicles.  Officers nabbed the 29 year old this morning after they saw him going from car to car.  A 45 year old man was arrested Wednesday after he was caught trying to break into cars near Fort William Gardens.