Sunday, March 23, 2014

Youth Corp Receives Funding

The Police Services Board is giving over 2 thousand dollars to its Youth Corp. They'll be using the money to help provide their regular activities. Spokesperson Jerry Roos says they welcome the cash and notes they'll be looking at ways of getting more money to buy winter clothing for cadets. The youth corp money was approved at a board meeting last week.

Possible Changes To Workers Comp Claims

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is putting forth some changes to who is eligible for workers comp. Karl Crevar is the founding President of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Group and spoke at the Lakehead Labour Centre late last week. Crevar says one of the changes includes the board looking into pre-existing conditions when employees make a claim.

Invasive Species Bill Being Introduced

A bill is being introduced by the Ontario government that would support the detection and rapid response towards invasive species. Minister Of Natural Resources David Orazietti says the legislation would address many threats in particular the mountain pine beetle. Invasive plants alone are responsible for over 7-billion dollars in funding from the country's agriculture and forest industries.

Onion Lake Survey

Mining Company Benton Resources plans to conduct some work on its Onion Lake property. President Steven Stairs says they think there's sizeable platinum, copper and nickel deposits in the area. They will survey the land and set up a small drill program. The property is 30-kilometre's north of Thunder Bay.

High Rates For Flesh Eating Disease

Northwestern Ontario has the dubious distinction of having the highest rates per capita in the province for flesh eating disease. Thunder Bay District Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams says most of the population shouldn't worry about contracting the disease. Williams says it is commonly found among homeless populations suffering from alcoholism and taking part in intravenous drug use. Dr. Williams says the trend has been constant since 2006.

Cruiser Involved In Accident

The Traffic Unit with the Thunder Bay Police are investigating a collision between one of their cruisers and another vehicle. It happened around 9:30 Friday evening while the cruiser was responding to a robbery at a Mac's Milk on South Syndicate. Both vehicles involved suffered extensive damage and two people received minor injuries. Meanwhile police are looking for a woman they believe was involved in the store robbery. The store clerk noticed some unpaid items in the woman's pocket on her way out of the store, she then claimed to have a weapon and fled. She is described as a Native American woman in her mid-twenties, around 5'7 with a thin build and dark hair. Anyone with information is urged to contact crime stoppers.