Tuesday, July 20, 2010

City ranks number 2 for murder rate

The latest crime study from Statistics Canada has Thunder Bay with the second highest homicide rate in the country. Deputy Police Chief J.P. Levesque says it's a result of the 6 murders last year which was very unusual. He says the way the Stats Can survey is done it tends to put heavier weight on more violent crimes.
The study shows an increase of 17 per cent in violent crime.

Terrace Bay Pulp close to starting up again

Terrace Bay Pulp could be out of creditor protection by next Tuesday. That's the day the company will have a hearing on the matter. Lawyer Yves Fricot says they've been allowed to prepare the mill for restart. The company is also purchasing material that is needed for the start up of the mill.

City get 594-thousand dollar payment from OLG

The latest payment to the city of Thunder Bay from the provincial government casino is 594 thousand dollars.  That's 22 thousand dollars more than the last quarterly payout.  The money represents 5 per cent of the slot machine revenue from the facility. It was the cash collected from April to June.

Province scraps eco-fee

The province is scrapping the controversial eco-fee. The McGuinty government admits consumers and businesses were not properly informed about the fee. The province says it's re-evaluating the program that's designed to fund waste diversion.  Thunder Bay's Ellen Mortfield of EcoSuperior calls it a surprising move and hopes it can be re-introduced in the near future.

Man running across Canda for equal parenting reform

An Ontario man is attempting to break the Guiness World Record for the Fastest Crossing of Canada on Foot.  David Nash is also trying to raise awareness for family law reform. A private members bill is before the house of commons and looks to avoid pitting parents against eachother.  Nash is making his way to St. John's Newfoundland.

Alzheimer's Cross Country fundraiser

Two Guelph university students are cycling across Canada in support of Alzheimer's research.  Ian Whatley and Ben Love hope to raise 25 thousand dollars through their cross country trek.  The duo will stop in Thunder Bay this weekend and then continue their journey to Victoria, B.C.

Innova Business Park upgrades

Innova Business Park is going to get some upgrades thanks to Thunder Bay city council. Taranis Contracting came in with the lowest bid at over 1.5 million. Sewer and water will be extended on Golf Links Road to Innovation Drive. Several roads will also be built linking up the business park to Golf Links Road, the Harbour Expressway and the Lakehead Expressway. The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund is helping to pay for part of the project.

More money spent on gas collection system

The City of Thunder Bay will be spending a little more on its gas collection system at the Solid Waste and Recycling facility.  The construction costs and other assorted fees have come in greater than expected.  Council is putting an extra 100 thousand dollars towards the project.  The gas collection system will eventually be used to generate power.

New test questions on pleasure craft operator test

Some changes are in store for the test to get a pleasure craft operator card. That card is now needed to operate a boat. Cameron Taylor of Boat Smart Canada says Transport Canada is looking at new test questions. The new tests, which include a total of 50 questions, will be administered starting in September.

MNR talks Moose Tags

The Ministry of Natural Resources is looking to prohibit hunters from passing moose tags onto others in consecutive years.  Wildlife Management Coordinator Tosh Gierick says the M-N-R has been seeking public comment on the proposal with input coming to an end Thursday.  Gierick says the regulation was based on input from hunters who expressed concern with the increase in tag transfer in past hunting seasons.

OBA board has a Thunder Bay face

A Thunder Bay lawyer is now on the board of directors for the Ontario Bar Association. Peter Mrowiec will represent Northwestern Ontario lawyers. The OBA represents more than 17-thousand lawyers, judges, law professors and law students in the province.

A transit strike could be heading our way

Thunder Bay transit employees could be headed for a strike. Negotiations with the city and the amalgamated transit union have fallen through. Local 966 President Charlie Brown says the city isn't offering up anything remotely reasonable.  Brown says the city has so far only asked for a number of concessions.  Brown says the next step will likely be a strike vote.

Harvey wants another shot at nomination

Nipigon Mayor Richard Harvey is taking the plunge again. Harvey is seeking the Conservative nomination for the federal riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North. Harvey believes he can make a break-through where other Conservatives candidates have failed.   He says most of the people in the riding hold small "c" conservative values.   The Torites haven't set a date for the vote

Temporary Bus terminal stays at city hall

Council has voted in favour of keeping the temporary bus terminal at city hall. The temporary bus terminal at City hall came in number one in a consultant report.  ENTRA consultants compared the city's options and they feel its in the city's best interest to keep the temporary site where it is.  Dennis Fletcher says city hall scored 108 points higher than their other options on Violet and Miles Street.