Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Working For A Solution"

Controversy continues to swirl around the money for May 28th flood victims. MPP Michael Gravelle understands that there's a lot of people angry because the province is only kicking in 300 thousand dollars instead of matching local donations 2 to 1. He says he's working for a solution with the minister of Municipal Affairs Linda Jeffery.  Gravelle says he is making it a top priority to increase the amount available to the victims.

A Community "Under Crisis"

The Neskantaga First Nation (Landsdowne House) north of Thunder Bay is declaring a state-of-emergency. They say it comes following another suicide in the community, the second in a matter of a week, and the fourth suicide and seventh tragic death in a year. They say there have also been 20 other attempts. First Nation councillor Roy Moonias says they have reached a breaking point and the community is under crisis.

Horwath Slams Government Over Disaster Funding

The province's NDP leader is slamming the Wynne government for its handling of the disaster relief funding. Andrea Horwath says it's unacceptable that donations for victims of the May 28th flooding are not being matched 2 to 1. Horwath says if someone has dropped the ball on this issue they had "damn well better pick it up in a hurry."   She says it's the least the victims deserve.

Shaving Heads For Cancer

Sharon Bolen shaving Brad Comuzzi's head

Thunder Bay Police and the local Cancer Society are hosting the 17th anniversary Cops for Cancer head shaving event. Fundraising coordinator, Laara Losier explains that anyone can be a part of this event. The event takes place Saturday May 11th at the Intercity Mall outside of the old Zellers entrance.

Fletcher Addresses Funding Concerns

The head of the city's Disaster Relief Committee says it's not possible to give back money donated to victims of the May 28th flood. Wayne Fletcher says even though the funding is not being matched at 2 to 1 by the province, returning any money is a non-starter. He says there have already been tax receipts issued and it would be impossible to return smaller cash donations. Meantime Fletcher says while the committee knew it was a possibility the province might not match donations 2 to 1, they never thought it was probable.

Locals Nabbed In Dryden Bust

Three Thunder Bay residents are in trouble with the law in Dryden.  Police say three people were arrested last night following a routine traffic stop.  Officers found a large quantity of cocaine, morphine, hash oil, marijhuana, crack and ritalin as well as other property obtained by crime.  Police say the accused, 2-women and 1-man appeared in court earlier today.

City Working On Local Food Strategy

The city is taking in a local food procurement workshop this afternoon.  It will focus on bringing food from the farm into organizations such as schools and city hall.  Health Unit Spokesperson Catherine Schwartz Mendez says the workshop is taking place today with the President of Local Food Plus speaking. The event is being held at the Regional Food Distribution Association.

Public Board Comments On Confessions Page

A top educator in the city says it's concerning how high school students are using Facebook. Joan Powell of the Catholic School Board is reacting to news that some students are writing defamatory posts about fellow students and teachers.   Powell can't say what possible action they might take.

Diabetes EXPO This Afternoon

The Canadian Diabetes Association will be holding it's 2013 diabetes EXPO this afternoon at the DaVinci Centre. The EXPO will provide local diabetes information and tools to help manage and improve overall health. A key note speaker will talk about islet cell transplant therapy.

Pentti Lund Passes

The Executive Director of the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame is remembering the contributions of Thunder Bay's Pentti Lund. The former Boston Bruins and New York Rangers player passed away yesterday at the age of 87.  Diane Imrie  says the local hockey community lost a legend.   She says Lund was always willing to help her organization when it came to teaching young people about the history of the game in this region.  Funeral arrangements are pendings.