Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shutdown At Fort Frances Mill

A big blow to the Northwestern Ontario economy. Resolute Forest Products in Fort Frances is shutting down its paper machine number 5 and the kraft mill displacing 230 workers. The company says the shutdown is indefinite.

Kenora Apology

A very public apology from the two culprits who stole the Stanley Cup banners from the White Cap Pavillion this past summer. Adam Green and Jena Poschner read letters of apology to Kenora City Council last night. Poschner says the timing of their actions couldn't have been worse. The Stanley Cup banners were stolen from the Whitecap Pavillion just before Mike Richards was scheduled to bring the trophy to the city for a community celebration. 

Police Get Money For Social Networking Site

Thunder Bay's Police force is using 97 thousand dollars to create a website and a community based social networking site.
The money for the Zone Watch program came from the Provincial Government and Police Spokesperson Chris Adams says community members will register to take part in the social netoworking site.  Some members of the Police Services Board are concerned about the security aspect of having information posted online, and Adams is assuring them it will be secure site.

Multiplex Public Meeting Wednesday

More information will be released  tonight on the proposed Event Centre.  The third and final public information session is being held at the Community Auditorium at 7 Wednesday night.  If you want to watch it from the comfort of your own home you can log onto the City's website for a live stream of the event.

Balloon Animals On The Move

The waterfront's balloon animal sculptures are being repaired this weekend. Since they've been placed at Prince Arthur's Landing they've been badly damaged on more than one occasion. They're being fixed at the Baggage Building and then they will be placed near Pier 1 which has better visibility, lighting and security.

Taxi Issue Being Looked At

The Police Services Board is hearing complaints about taxi service at the local airport.  Roach's Taxi has a contract with the Airport to provide service to travellers landing in the City and people have had to wait for a cab.  Chair Joe Virdiramo says he understands the situation first hand as he too was in need of a cab after an out of town trip.  A committee with the Police Services Board is looking into the matter.

Farming Sector Good To NWO

The North Superior Workforce Planning Board is set to release a new report on the local farming sector. Executive Director Madge Richardson says we have a number of farm related jobs in the region. In the Thunder Bay area in 2011, we had 717 jobs in the food production sector. The full report on the farming sector is being released in December.

Brawl On Limbrick

Police are investigating a brawl last night on the city's south side. Constable Julie Tilbury says that it took place at Limbrick Place at involved about 20 people and weapons were involved. Tibury says they are hoping witnesses will call them to say what happened because right now no one involved is cooperating.

City Wants Dog Destroyed

The city's Animal Services section is proceeding with charges against the owner of an english bulldog involved in the mauling of an 11 year old boy over the weekend in Tarbutt Park.  The city's top By-law enforcer, Ron Bourret says they are recommending that the dog be put down.  The owner has been charged with failing to leash and licence the animal.   Bourret says the fines could range up to 5-thousand dollars.

35 Million Dollar Police Budget Passed

Thunder Bay's Police Service Budget is coming in at over 35 million dollars. The Police Services Board approved the 3.8 percent increase in the 2013 budget at this morning's meeting. Chief JP Levesque calls it a lean budget. Levesque adds the million dollar increase is due to wages and benefits and notes he can't cut any more costs from the financial document. City Council will look at the police budget in the New Year.

Record Temperature Set

Thunder Bay is celebrating a new record temperature thanks to the mild temperatures we've experienced. Yesterday the temperature reached 10.1 smashing the old mark of 8.7 set back in 1982. Four other northwestern Ontario communities are boasting of new records set yesterday as well, including Fort Frances, Atikokan, Dryden and Ear Falls.