Monday, October 25, 2010

Pullia reflects on campaign

Former City Councillor Frank Pullia feels he put up a good fight in the Mayor's race.  Pullia lost his council spot, but notes he doesn't regret his decision to run.  The former at large council member says he could sense people wanted change, and he offered it but Hobbs was a more radical change.  This was Pullia's fourth attempt for Mayor.  Pullia stopped by to congratulate Hobbs last night.

Inntowner coming down

You can officially say good-bye to the Inntowner Hotel.  Starting this week, the city is  tearing it down to put up a parking lot.  Officials say it's part of the plan to revitalize the city's south core. 

EcoSuperior supports plastic bag ban

Plastic bags at grocery stores could be on the way out, if EcoSuperior and an MP from London Ontario get their way. The MP is introducing a private members bill calling for an out right ban on plastic grocery bags. EcoSuperior Executive Director Ellen Mortfield says Thunder Bay people use reusable bags very often and feels we are ready for a ban.  Mortfield says EcoSuperior will be talking to our local MP's to see how they will be voting.

It'll be a rainy start to the week

Get ready for some wet and wild weather. Environment Canada's Geoff Coulson says we are going to get a drenching with as much as 30 millimetres of rain expected to fall tomorrow. Coulson says in addition to the rain its going to be very windy with gusts hitting the 70 kilometre mark.

Dawna Friesen visits our radio station

 Dawna Friesen is back to her roots today.   The new anchor of Global National is in Thunder Bay as part of the network's plan to broadcast the news program from cities across Canada.   She took time this morning to visit our studio and talk about her adventures as a reporter for NBC News and to read a newscast for us.

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NOSM and OPSEU set talk dates

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine strike will continue for the rest of this month at the very least.  OPSEU and NOSM officials won't be heading back to the negotiating table until November 1st.  The two sides haven't met since union members rejected the school's last offer two weeks ago.