Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brief Weather Reprieve On The Way

Expect a brief reprieve from the deep freeze.   While Thursday will still see below normal temperatures,  Environment Canada's Marie-Eve Giguere says we will get much warmer weather Friday with a high of minus 7,  and you should enjoy it while it lasts.  She says starting this weekend we will be back to much colder temperatures that will last into next week.   Giguere says to expect more frigid mornings with extreme wind chill values.

Pre-Apprentice Program Announced

Hydro One is giving Confederation College 750-thousand dollars to create a pre-apprentice program.  Utility President Carmine Marcello says it's an investment in possible future employees.  College President Jim Madder says the inaugural class should be in the spring.  The money is for a four year program that will focus on skilled trades.

No Date For RoF Meeting

There is still no formal meeting announced between Greg Rickford and Michael Gravelle on the Ring of Fire.   Both are their federal and provincial government reps  for the giant mining development.   Rickford says the two are still only exchanging information periodically and that Gravelle recently said he will be providing more materials on a number of policy options that the feds will consider in conjunction with all stakeholders including the provincial government.  Rickford says he and Gravelle continue to have conversations about the opportunities available for the project.

Paramedics Look To Do More

The head of the regional ambulance service is pumped about the government's moves to help streamline paramedic services in Ontario.  EMS Chief  Norm Gale says the province is making 6 million dollars available for that purpose.   It means each regional emergency service can apply for funding to design programs and do research into how paramedics can become better health care providers.   Gale envisions local paramedics becoming more of a support service for seniors and those who have barriers accessing health care.

Westbound Travellers Beware

Less than ideal travel conditions today if you're heading to Winnipeg.  The RCMP has issued a blowing snow advisory for the Steinbach and Riche areas.  Police say visibility is near zero at times. Environment Canada has also issued a windchill warning for much of
southern Manitoba including Winnipeg today.

Accidents Rule The Day

Police are reminding you to drive safely today because of the road conditions.   Around 11:30 this morning there was a single vehicle mishap on the Thunder Bay Expressway between Arthur Street and the Harbour Expressway.  They say that a woman lost control of her car and ended up on the side of the highway after hitting a light pole.  One official says the woman was shaken up and taken to hospital as a precaution.  City police also report at least a half dozen accidents by the lunch hour today.

Mulcair Visits City

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is travelling the country promoting a party petition that speaks against unfair fees and consumer ripoffs. In Thunder Bay he stopped at the home of a local anti-poverty activist and said that getting out of the cycle of poverty isn't easy and requires action by the federal government especially when it comes to getting back into the funding of social housing. Mulcair says action has to be taken on rules that make it tough for many to get ahead in life.

Beardy Applauds Young

Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy is applauding Neil Young's "Honour the Treaties" tour. Beardy says the singer brought to the forefront important issues of environment and industry, but also recognizing that First Nations people are the rights holders of the lands. Young's tour ended on Sunday and surpassed its fundraising goal of 75-thousand dollars for the legal fund of the Athabasca First Nation.

Women In Politics

Even though females are continuing to make inroads in politics, there is still room to grow.   That's why a Thunder Bay group called Women in Politics is hosting a forum on the topic today.   The highlight is the return of Lyn McLeod who was the first woman elected as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party 22 years ago. The conference took place in Thunder Bay today.

Warning To Snowmobilers

OPP are reminding snowmobile enthusiasts to take precautions when out on area trails and frozen lakes.  It comes after four missing snowmobilers were reported to them recently.  The area lakes and rivers are covered in a thick layer of snow and slush that have caused drivers and their sleds to become stranded in remote areas. In all cases the snowmobilers were located safe and sound.