Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Group of First Nation Communities band together

A number of Northwestern Ontario First Nation communities are banning together to work towards improving infrastructure.  The group of 5 First Nation communities signed the agreement that will help in the development of an East-West Corridor in the Ring of Fire.  The communities want to work together to capitalize economic benefits from the mining industry.  Officials say the ultimate goal of the agreement will be to develop an infrastructure, transportation and service corridor for the Ring of Fire.  Chief Harry Papah says ownership of this corridor would give his people new opportunities for training jobs and business.

Ring of Fire alliance formed

Area First Nations are still demanding more decision making involvement in the Ring of Fire mining development. That's why the Aroland and the Marten Falls First Nations have formed an alliance. Aroland Chief Sonny Gagnon says they don't want to watch from the sidelines anymore, they want to "take ownership, take partnership" over what will happen in the Ring of Fire.  Gagnon calls the alliance a pro-active move.

Mix up could have led to users death

The Regional Coroner says that one person somewhere in Northwestern Ontario is dead in a case related to the end of Oxycontin. Dr. Michael Wilson says the unexpected death may have been the result of a prescription mix-up.  He says the medication had been prescribed to replace the Oxycontin, but it appears it was prescribed at a higher rate than he usually was on, meaning he may have died due to a drug overdose.  As a result, Dr. Wilson says he's recommended there be better communication between doctors and pharmacists.

Fire in group home

No one is hurt after a small fire at a group home on Sequoia  Street.   A fire official says it happened just before eight o'clock this morning after one of the residents accidentally lit a bed sheet ablaze with a lighter.   St. Joseph's Care Group runs the home which has five residents and two staff members.

New school for Attawapiskat

Relief for the troubled Attawapiskat First Nation. The Federal Government has awarded the construction contract to build a new school to Manitoba-based Penn-Co Construction. Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development John Duncan says Penn-Co has extensive experience working with remote First Nation communities on the construction of large facilities.The 58-hundred square-metre school will accommodate 540-students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and is scheduled to open during the 2013-2014 school year.

Greenstone launches website and survey

The Municipality of Greenstone is hoping for big results from its new look website.  The site, http://www.investingreenstone.ca/, is designed to help businesses and investors get the information they need on the community.  The website also helps to promote mining and exploration in the region.  Included in the site is a survey which is a coordinated industry effort to encourage graduates, skilled workers and others remain in the Greenstone region and possibly attract skilled workers back.

Declare, Declare, Declare

People continue to lie about their purchases at the Pigeon River Border. Two Canadian residents are in trouble after importing a vintage car that was purchased online. The importer swore they paid 8 thousand dollars for the vehicle but after closer examination border agents found they actually paid 12 thousand. The man was forced to pay over 2 thousand dollars in penalties. Had he declared the vehicle at its proper value he would have only paid around 200 dollars in taxes.

KI rallies in Toronto today

The Big Trout Lake First Nation are rallying in front of the world's leading mining convention today.  They'll have 100 supporters in Toronto today.  They claim God's Lake Resources proposed gold mine will desecrate their sacred burial grounds.

Impaired driving collision

Thunder Bay Police are charging a man with impaired driving and various traffic act offences after a bumpy ride this morning. Witnesses say the vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed, crashed through some construction pylons, went through a hole dug by a road crew, over a snowbank and struck a building on Simpson Street. He's also charged with dangerous driving.

2012 Budget is in the books

This year's city budget increase is a bit lighter than what we were expecting.  Council approved the budget last night but after Councillor Marc Bentz put forward a motion that prevented the hiring of 5 full time city employees.  The savings should amount to a bit more than 200 thousand dollars and dropped the tax increase from 2.67 to just under 2 and a half.  Councillor Trevor Geirtuga says its time the city decided whether they want to invest in infrastructure or invest in human resources.  The average home will now pay just over 60 dollars more this year in taxes.