Monday, February 13, 2012

Paterson Park Could be revitalized

A grant could mean some updating in the near future for Paterson Park.  The City has received 30 thousand dollars from the 8-80 Cities program and the Provincial Government and is looking at Paterson Park as a target for revitalization.  Councillor Mark Bentz says Paterson Park is a gateway to the south downtown but is showing its age and needs a face lift.

Manshield Construction will finish off Phase 1 of waterfront

Manshield Construction is getting the call to complete the remainder of work on Phase 1 of the waterfront.  City Council approved a proposal that will hand the company the 3.2 million dollar contract.  City Manager Tim Commisso says the city prefers a tender method to award contracts on a competitive basis but in a case like this it makes sense to award the contract to the company already on scene.  Manshield is also the contractor who will be building the private portion of the project.

Interim Operating Model in place for Waterfront

City Council is happy with the current operating model being used at the waterfront.  Law Makers approved the interim operating plan Monday night and Community and Emergency Services Manager Greg Alexander says it will costs 690 thousand dollars until the private sector completes its side of the project.  He says when the hotel and condos are complete the city should turn a nice profit on the waterfront but there isn't a timeline on when the developer will begin work.

Local company fined by MNR

A Thunder Bay company is paying a hefty fine for building an airstrip on crown land.  Marten Falls Logistics, cut down 5 and a half hectares of forest north of Geraldton without provincial approval.  The company was fined 27 thousand dollars cutting down the trees and leaving them there. 

No injuries in fire

No one is injured following a fire on the two hundred block of Poplar Street Monday afternoon. Fire Platoon Chief Kim Hutch says it happened in the back yard of a two story house when some wood caught fire. Damage is minimal and the cause isn't known.

MP's warn of riding changes

Our local Members of Parliament are trying to start a grassroots awareness campaign about riding re-distribution in Canada. John Rafferty predicts that Northern Ontario may lose a seat before the next election as a result of it. Rafferty says, among other things, larger ridings in the north would make them more difficult for MP's to represent.

Police arrest one in car theft

A 15 year old teen is charged with stealing a car from a North Marks Street home over the weekend.  Constable Julie Tilbury says they chased the vehicle along a section of the Rosslyn Road and later found the vehicle abandoned on Confederation Drive.  The teen is charged with possession of stolen property, dangerous driving, flight from police and breach of probation.

Police targeting underage drinking

City police are cracking down on people buying alcohol for teenagers.  Officers charged 5 people outside the Thunder Centre LCBO for buying liquor for people under 19 years old.  Police say they are trying to cut down the amount of underage drinking in the intercity area. 

Jury sees graphic evidence at murder trial

The Andre Wareham second degree murder trial is into it's second week.  The trial jury looked at autopsy photos of William Atkins on Monday.  They were given detailed explanations by pathologist Dr. Nicholas Escott,  who noted Atkin's body had five stab wounds, three to the abdomen and one each to his arm and leg.  Dr. Escott says the cause of death was all the blood he lost as the result of those stab wounds.  Wareham is charged with second degree murder in Atkin's 2010 death.

Attawapiskat house trailers

Attawapiskat may have to wait a bit longer before it gets two new house trailers it's been promised.  Officials are concerned the sites chosen for the trailers haven't been prepared yet.  They're worried the road to the remote community will close before the trailers and building supplies arrive.  The First Nation is battling a severe housing crisis and declared a state of emergency last fall.