Friday, May 7, 2010

Hells Angels trying to re-establish in the city

The Hells Angels may be trying to actively recruit new members in Thunder Bay. Police put the biker gang on ice four years ago but spokesperson Chris Adams says there are indications that the criminal organization could be trying to gain a foothold again. He says they're continuing to monitor the activities of the gang and admits that the city remains a lucrative market in which they still have members present. Adams wouldn't comment on methods police are using to gain their information

No one hurt in school fire

Westmount school students have something to talk about this weekend. Their south side school had to be evacuated today after the contents of a garbage bin were set on fire in a boys washroom. The custodian put the fire out and then called the fire service. No one is hurt as the result of the incident.

Council being asked to support Timmins

One of the city's top labour leaders, who also happens to be a candidate for city council, speaks to councillors Monday evening.   Paul Pugh says he's asking for councils support in opposing the closure of the Xtrata ore smelter in Timmins. Pugh says it's an issue that affects all northerners.   Also Monday, councillors will be asked to grant almost 100 thousand dollars towards the construction of a Taiji monument at Marina Park and will be looking at the Community Garden Policy.

Lake Superior Place not dead

A local organization with it's own dreams for the waterfront isn't disappointed by the latest developments from city hall. Administration is recommending councillors put plans for Lake Superior Place on the backburner. President Laura Fralick understands the reasoning behind the move. She says the move indicates that the proposal is being taken seriously but it's happening at a time when the city just can't manage everything that's on it's plate right now. Fralick says while it may give the impression to the public the project isn't moving ahead, but that's not true adding, it's certainly not dead.

Police looking at possible robbery links

City police suspect the two cab driver robberies this week may be linked. This morning's incident began on Brock Street while Tuesday's was on Frederica. Spokesperson Chris Adams says that's not the only possible connection.  He says the descriptions of the men involved in both incidents are very similar, so police are looking at any possible connections seriously.   Adams says concerns over cab driver safety are also playing into the urgency of the case

Police seize $16,000 worth of drugs

A 29 year old man was arrested after police found 16 thousand dollars worth of drugs. The Osnaburg First Nation man was taken in by the Combined Forces Organized Crime Unit yesterday at Hillcrest Park. Officers seized 100 Oxycodone pills, 283 Percocet tablets and 65 hundred dollars in cash. Police also found a rifle and a machete in the mans car.

Jobless rate in Thunder Bay plummets

Thunder Bay's Jobless rate saw a huge drop last month. It went from 7 percent in March to 6.1 percent in April. Our rate is far lower than the national rate which fell to 8.1 percent from 8.2. The provincial rate held steady at 8.8 percent.

Another cab stolen at knife point

For the second time in a week a Thunder Bay cab driver had his vehicle stolen. Police say the driver picked up a man and woman on the south side who then pulled a knife and a hatchet out and held the knife to the drivers throat. The pair then told the driver to get out and drove off north on Brown Street. The cab has been recovered but no arrests have been made.

Public gets say on Multiplex plan

It appears the Multiplex idea may not go without some opposition. There was a packed house at the Da Vinci Centre last night, as the city presented it's plan for the new facility. However one resident, Gerry Polling says bringing on more debt is a bad idea. There will be another public meeting in one week at the Italian Hall on Algoma.