Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy week for police

The last half of the week was busy for police. On Thursday they arrested two men after a man was pulled into a north side apartment, assaulted and robbed. Police say the incident was drug related and have issued a warrant for a woman who was involved as well.

Saturday morning a man was assaulted at a North Cumberland Street hotel. Police arrested two men and a woman in connection.

Two men were arrested after a failed robbery attempt on the city’s south side Saturday night. According to police, two men assaulted a man after demanding he hand over money and a cell phone. A bystander intervened and the two men were arrested after police arrived.

Bystander stops robbery

A failed robbery attempt has resulted in two arrests. Police say a man was assaulted after leaving a south side ATM by two men who wanted money and a cell phone. According to police, a bystander came to the mans assistance after seeing him on the ground being kicked by the two other men. The police were eventually called to the scene by another person. Upon arriving, the police arrested the two suspects.