Sunday, December 19, 2010

Constance Lake First Nation renews call for water

Constance Lake First Nation is renewing it's call for more water.  In November, Indian and Northern Affairs reduced the amount of bottled water being shipped into the community from four litres to 1.5 litres per person.

While there is a temporary work-around that has water coming into the community from a power plant, Chief Arthur Moore says that water is unsafe to drink and is only being used for things like bathing and laundry.  Also, there has been a recent increase in rashes and fungal infections and many in the community feel that the water coming from the power plant may be the culprit.

The need for bottled water began this summer when an algae bloom covered the lake the community used as its main water supply and it's water treatment facility was unable to properly filter the water. The community is waiting on a new well that should be finished in the new year. Moore says the well is only a temporary fix and the only long term solution is more modern water treatment technology.

Armed robbery arrest

Police have a man is custody after an armed robbery. Dutchaks Recycle Inc. on Hammond Avenue was robbed by a man with a knife around 10 a.m. yesterday. After an investigation, police arrested a man in the East End. The suspect will appear in court today and is being charged with robbery.

Highway 17 closure

Highway 17 was closed west of Kenora last night because of an accident involving several vehicles. The pile up started when two tractor trailers collided. The OPP closed the highway when one of the big rigs started leaking fuel and was reopened after the cleanup was complete. There were no injuries.