Friday, April 25, 2014

Scary Incident During Wasaya Flight

The Chief of Sachigo Lake First Nation is confirming an incident involving a Wasaya Airways plane. Alvin Beardy says the community is in shock after the door of a Wasaya Airways plane flew open shortly after take-off yesterday. Beardy says the aircraft had finished dropping off passengers when it took off. The aircraft came back to the airport and landed safely. Beardy says the door above the propellor had opened during mid-flight. He says it was a full load with members of his community as well as others. He stresses the incident needs to be looked at seriously. The Transportation Safety Board is looking into the incident.

Harsh Winters Cause Cost Overruns

A harsh winter is causing the City to go over it's 2014 operating budget. City Treasurer Carol Pollard says two bad winters back to back has wreaked havoc with their finances.  The City is looking at an anticipated $5.73 million dollar year end deficit. Staff want City Council to implement a deficit management plan along with an increase to the budget to help address cost overruns.

Man Faces Child Porn Charges

A 41 year old man is charged with possessing and distributing child porn.  A police investigation from January lead to a recent search of an East Arthur Street home where a USB stick, SD photo card and CD's were seized.  Geoffrey Filmore will be in court on May 20th.

Tina's False Alarm

False alarm this afternoon at Tina's Restaurant.  Fire crews check out a call for a roof on fire while staff wait outside.  A mechanical issue to one of the building's heating units caused smoke.  No one was injured.

LRCA Warns About Flood

The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority is warning about potential flooding.  The significant amount of snow received overnight, accompanied with rising temperatures could cause flooding in the area. The LRCA is urging people to use caution around area waterways.

Power Outages Impact Almost 6-Thousand

City Fire fighters and Hydro crews dealing with several downed power lines and hydro poles on fire this morning.  Hydro One says around 44-hundred customers are without power and Thunder Bay Hydro has another 25-hundred customers without power.  Additional crews have been brought in and are out working on the outages.   Hydro One is hopeful to have its customers back on-line by this afternoon.   Meanwhile, Holy Cross School is closed today because of a power outage.  Almost 350 students students have already been picked up.

Another 5 CM Coming

20 centimetres of wet slushy snow fell on our City overnight. Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says another 5 centimetres of snow is going to fall today.  Kimbell says the weather will clear up for the weekend but temperatures will remain cool. 250 cm of snow fell in Thunder Bay this winter.

Slippery Driving Conditions

Thunder Bay police are advising drivers to take notice of the slick road conditions.  The recent blast of snow is making driving difficult today. Police are asking that drivers reduce speed and adjust following distance as the wind has reduced visibility and could cause problems for motorists.


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation is acknowledging a need to improve. The agency determining property values outlined some of the things its working on to delegates attending the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Conference.  Spokesperson Arthur Anderson says it includes getting its assessment work - out - sooner.  Anderson says it may also reduce appeals and maintain stability.

No Buses And Rural Schools Closed

Today's snowstorm leading to the cancellation of all school buses for both rural and city students.  As well, all rural schools are closed including Crestview, Five Mile, Gorham and Ware, Kakabeka Falls, McKenzie, Nor'Wester View, Valley Central, and Whitefish Valley. The Thunder Bay Christian School is also closed today.  City Schools are open, but with no busing.  

Nurses Uniforms Becoming Uniform

Nurses at the Regional Hospital will be required to wear standard uniforms next year.   Spokesperson Rhonda Crocker Ellacott says it's to help patients know who's a nurse and who's not.  She says the hospital will not dictate what uniforms nurses must wear.  Crocker Ellacott says it was staff that originally came up with the idea about five years ago.

T.O. Gets Dose Of Reality

No complaints from Scott McFadden to Pearson Airport's plans to improve its extreme weather operations. The countries largest airport was caught flat footed by bad weather over the winter.  The Thunder Bay Airport manager says it appears officials In Toronto got a good dose of reality.  McFadden hopes that the plans help to rectify any issues that could arise if there's another harsh winter.