Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mayor and councillors lobby ministers

Mayor Lynn Peterson is expressing confidence local issues were heard by some key government ministers. The Mayor and three councillors were in Toronto this week at a conference and took time to button-hole some cabinet ministers. That included Corrections minister Rick Barolucci who was told about the need for more detox beds in the city.  Aboriginal Affairs minister Chris Bentley was also asked to locate a ministry office in Thunder Bay.

Firefighters' death recognized as work related

Sixteen years after his death a Thunder Bay firefighter has now been recognized as dying in the line of duty. Glenn Adduono died of leukemia but it was only recently the provinces Workplace Safety Board awarded compensation to his family for it. Eric Nordlund of the local Professional Firefighters Association says its a significant step.   The Association presented the Adduono family with a memorial medal to recognize the occasion.

Neebing gets marketing money

The Municipality of Neebing is getting money to market itself. Over 14 and a half thousand provincial taxpayer dollars will be used by officials to sell the community to new investors. The plan will include an inventory update of industrial and commercial land available and the development of a community profile posting on the internet.

Sustainability conference opens today

Community and First Nation groups from across northern Ontario have gathered in Thunder Bay today to discuss the sustainability of their communities.Conference co-chair Alexander Boulet says delegates are examining the issues affecting the north's ability to deliver the basic needs to area residents.   Boulet says they're hoping the event will be a way of growing a network that can share ideas on an on-going basis.

Another illegal cigaratte bust in Northerwestern Ontario

Another massive illegal cigarette bust in Northwestern Ontario. Greenstone OPP seized almost 700 thousand illegal cigarettes after a routine traffic stop in Longlac yesterday evening. 47 year old Scott Smith of Sylvan Lake Alberta was arrested in the bust.

Local video appears on the Ellen DeGeneres show

Matt Popowich is making the news again, but unfortunately for the director of the My Hometown Video, this time it was a little less glamorous. After getting international attention for the music video, Ellen DeGeneres featured a video showing Matt falling off a wind mill. Popowich says he's happy because anyone who sees the video can then go on to see his other videos like My Hometown.

Friends of Big Thunder make submission

The clock is winding down for submissions to the government for proposals on the idled Big Thunder Sports Park. Paul DeGiacomo of the Friends of Big Thunder says his group has sent in a suggestion which includes participation with some private partners. Included in the Friends proposal is to keep the nordic section of the park operating year round. The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 1st, at 5 pm.

Thunder Bay OPP are taking drunk drivers off the roads

Thunder Bay OPP are taking drunk drivers off the roads. Officers pulled over a truck on the Expressway near Red River Road yesterday and smelled alcohol and handed the 71 year old driver a 3 day suspension. Later in the day officers pulled over another impaired driver who was found to be over twice the legal limit. He will appear in court in April.

Thunder Bay Police are looking for three muggers

Thunder Bay Police are looking for three men in relation to a robbery that happened over the weekend. Officers say a 16 year old was robbed around 9:15 Saturday morning in the Victoria Avenue, Brodie Street area. The three suspects grabbed the teen an robbed him of cash and personal items. Detailed descriptions of the muggers can be found at the Thunder Bay Police website.

Thunder Bay Police crack down on speeders

Thunder Bay police were out in full force this week targeting speeders. Sergeant Glen Porter says the crack down is part of an ongoing traffic managment plan. Porter says officers have been focussing on problematic areas and since the blitz began last week over 230 speeding tickets have been handed out. He says warm temperatures generally see speeds increase in the City.