Tuesday, December 14, 2010

22 accidents today so far

Busy day for Thunder Bay Police.  Officers were called to 22 accidents Tuesday.  Traffic Officer Glen Porter says one car rolled down an embankment at Boulevard Lake, and a man is charged with careless driving as a result. Porter adds thankfully no one was badly hurt.

Police Board budget on hold

Thunder Bay's Police Chief Bob Herman is calling the inaugral meeting of the police services board productive.  Herman welcomed new board members to the meeting on Tuesday.  The 2011 budget has been put on hold until January so members can take time to review it.

DNA lab accredited

A milestone for the Warnex DNA lab. Warnex is now accredited internationally for forensic science testing. President Mark Busgang says the news will open doors for them.  Busgang says business has been ok and the local facility is now operating in the black.

McFadden predicts no solar farm controversy

Thunder Bay's airport manager doesn't expect any objectors to a new solar farm. A company called SkyPower is going to construct the panels on airport property starting early next year. It's expected to create about 100 new jobs. Scott McFadden says it'll be far from any homes and located on land which is not useful for airport operations and of limited commercial use.  The park will be bordered by railway tracks and 2 runways

Teens turn thumbs down to curfew

The prospect of a curfew for teenagers in Thunder Bay isn't sitting too well with some of them. The city is conducting a study to see if a curfew in the city is do-able.Those teens we spoke to say it takes away their freedom.

Squire Street flooded

Someone caused quite a stir on Squire Street Tuesday. A fire hydrant was opened and a large amount of water spilled into the street. Police says they're treating the mischief as a serious matter because of cold conditions. A car later slid into a pool of water in that area.

Deep freeze no problem for waterfront project

The city is happy local companies are working on the waterfront.  Supervisor Gary Wood says the local companies know how to deal with the cold weather so its still business as usual.  Wood believes the weather won't put work behind schedule.

Streetcar threat creates Internet buzz

There appears to be little sympathy by some Toronto bloggers to concerns in Thunder Bay over Mayor Rob Ford's desire to tear up a streetcar contract.  Scrapping that billion dollar contract would affect jobs at our Bombardier plant and some Torontonians are posting strong opinions about it on Internet news sites ....one says, ...you people in Thunder Bay... have no vote, or say... in how Toronto conducts it's business, and, Thunder Bay can go play with itself, the days of sole sourcing are gone.   But not everyone is so seemingly callous...one says,  Thanks for letting us know how far the damage... is reaching.

Hampton thinks election is coming

The Provincial election isn't until next Fall, but expect to see campaign-style ad's start showing up in the new year.  That's the prediction of Kenora-Rainy River MPP Howard Hampton.  Hampton says the McGuinty Government has been under seige in the Ontario Legislature and he expects the Liberals to start actively campaigning shortly.  Hampton says the government has been hurt by recent reports by the Ombudsman and the Auditor General.

Christmas Cheer falling behind campaign goal

Christmas Cheer is in trouble.  With just over a week to go in their campaign the charity is over 100 thousand dollars short of their goal.  The Charity is hoping to raise 165 thousand dollars to feed the homeless and less fortunate in Thunder Bay.

Garage destroyed by fire

Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue dealt with a garage fire this morning.  Crews responded to the blaze on Talbot Street just after 2:30 and found a garage engulfed in flames.  The inferno was quickly brought under control and officials are investigating the cause.