Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heavy Rainfall Warning Ended

A heavy rainfall and thunderstorm warning has ended for the Thunder Bay area.  Environment Canada issued the warnings earlier today after 40 millimeters of rain fell last night and another 30 millimeters was expected throughout today.  Meterologist Geoff Coulson says we can expect light rain throughout this evening. 

Flooding Kills Duluth Zoo Animals

It's a sad day at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, Minnesota. The entire facility flooded as the result of the overnight rain and Development Director Anita Skutevik says almost a dozen barnyard animals died. She says some animals managed to swim out of their enclosures including one of their star attractions Berlin the polar bear. She says Berlin was tranquilized and is now recovering and doing fine. Two seals also managed to escape, but were captured a short time later.

Budget Passes

A summer election in Ontario has been averted with the passage of the minority government's budget. Thunder Bay Atikokan MPP Bill Mauro says he's glad the budget passed.  Right up until the vote the Liberals said they could not trust the New Democrats to keep their word and let the budget pass, but in the end the NDP did as promised.

Highway 597 Washed Out

OPP are reporting Highway 597 between Mannisto Road and Nicholson Road is closed. There was a wash-out and water is flowing over the highway. There's a detour at Mannisto road.

Project Supports Seniors With Dementia

St. Joseph's Care Group is introducing a new behavioral supports project for seniors with dementia. The money for the 1.2 million dollar plan has been approved through the Local Health Integration Network. Spokesperson Susan Pilatzke says the new project will mean new staff will be hired to develop the plan.

You Thought We Had It Bad

The City of Duluth, Minnesota is in a State of Emergency as the result of flooding caused by torrential rain.  Environment Canada's Geoff Coulson says they received 175 millimetres overnight.   Just as people did during our storm last month people there are posting pictures on the local radio station website and it clearly shows the devastation.

Summer In The Parks Ready To Roll

The Summer in the Parks is kicking off on June 27. Eight outdoor concerts will be taking place over the summer featuring live music along with many more attractions, including childrens activities, artisan's market and on-site consessions. Summer in the Parks takes place every wednesday evening throughout the summer.

Duluth Streets Like Waterfalls According To Reporter

Thunder Bay's Sister City Duluth is experiencing similar flood conditions this morning to what we saw three weeks ago. Up to six inches, or 15 centimetres of rain has been reported in and around the city. Police are advising motorists not to go anywhere. Reporter Alan Hoglund of WDIO television news in Duluth says the streets were like rivers.

It's Not Over Till It's Over

It's steady as she goes for the city's sewage treatment plant after the overnight rainfall. Spokesperson Darrell Matson says they are monitoring the plant and he says "so far so good."   He says the plant responded well to the increased flow.   Matson says it's not over yet, there's more rain predicted and officials will continue to watch over the plant to avoid a flood like the one that happened three weeks ago.

No Flooding Reported By LRCA

The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority is monitoring area waterways for flooding.  So far the Authority says we received 40 to 50 millimetres of rain overnight and 10 to30 millimetres is expected today, maybe more in thunderstorms.  No major flooding is being reported, however the Flood Watch continues.

Highway 61 Washed Out In Spots Down To Duluth

Highway 61 South of the American Border is closed this morning because of washouts in spots, all the way down to Duluth. Duluth Police are advising against travel in the entire city of Duluth. Rainfall of more than 6 inches or 15 centimetres in spots was recorded in the city and along Highway 61 along the North Shore. Various American media outlets and law enforcement are reporting extensive damage in the city of Duluth itself, with roads starting to collapse along the hillside. There have been reports of people being rescued from their basement apartments, falling into sinkholes of collapsed roads and of rivers and streams taking over roadways. Highway 61 remains closed in various spots with washouts, overflowing streams and rivers, washed out culverts and washed out roads.

Cats To Make Up Rained Out Game Tonight

The Thunder Bay Border Cats will try and make up their rained out game against the Waterloo Bucks tonight at Subway field, if they can dodge the weather one more time. The two teams will try and play a "Twi-Night" double-header starting at 6:05. Both games will be seven innings long.