Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Former mayor dies

Former Thunder Bay Mayor Dusty Miller is dead. She died on Tuesday after a lenghtly illness. She was the first woman to become the mayor of the city when she was elected for one term in 1978. She was also a councillor for two terms, the first just prior to her election as mayor and the second in 1985. She was noted as a huge supporter of arts and culture. The funeral arrangements are pending.  Dusty Miller, dead at the age of 82.

Haircut incident now settled

A dispute over an impromptu haircut given to a Aboriginal student at McKellar Park School is now settled. The incident caused a furor and ended up with a top Toronto lawyer taking the case on behalf of the family. However Bruce Nugent of the Lakehead Public School Board says the terms of the deal are a secret, but both sides are satisfied with the outcome.  The incident took place in almost three years ago.

Murder trial about to go to jury

The Andre Wareham murder trial is winding down. The prosecution and the defence have completed presenting their evidence, which included testimony from the accused himself. Wednesday morning Steven Hinkson will be giving his final summation to the jury followed by the Crown's Rob Kozak. That is expected to take until the lunch break. From there it will be up to Justice Terrance Platana to given his instructions or as it's known in legal terms, his charge to the jury. Whether that will be Wednesday or on Thursday isn't clear. When that's complete it will be up to the jury to decide whether Andre Wareham killed William Atkins in self defence or whether he is guilty of second degree murder.

Border towns work for recognition

Prime Minister Harper and President Obama are again being asked to give recognition to the relationship between Fort Frances and International Falls. Speaking to Fort council last night, Falls city administrator Rod Otterness says the two cities deserve to have July 2nd proclaimed by their leaders as Peaceful Border Day. The day coincides with the annual tug of war between the two cities.

Wareham faces prosecutor

Wareham is claiming self defence in the 2010 stabbing death of William Atkins. This morning the prosecution tried to show an inconsistency between what Wareham told the jury yesterday and what he told a 911 operator right after the stabbing. In Court Monday,  Wareham testified about being kneed in the face repeatedly while he was stabbing Atkins, while he told the 911 operator he was being booted, or kicked in the face. Wareham explained he was hysterical at the time of the call.

Botanical Conservatory closed

Thunder Bay's Centennial Botanical Conservatory is closed for two months time because of glass that has fallen from the ceiling. General Manager Michael Smith says the closure takes effect at noon today. City staff will take safety precautions while they work at the Conservatory to maintain the plants. A feasibility study on the facility will come before Council this Spring.

Dilico holds addiction conference

Dilico Family Services is trying to empower area First Nation leaders with knowledge on how to help their residents dealing with addictions.  A 2 day conference on drug addiction kicked off this morning in Thunder Bay and Spokesperson Rose Pittis says they've provided conference goers with takeaway tools.  The conference will wrap up tomorrow at the Victoria Inn.

Kidnapping at the Greyhound

Police are investigating a kidnapping at the Greyhound last night. Staff Seargent Frank Earley says two men grabbed another that was standing inside the bus terminal. They forced him into a waiting truck; shortly after a man was reported going door to door in the White Park Road area asking for help. Police located the two men in the truck at the Can-Op gas bar on Oliver Road. They're charged with kidnapping, assault, possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.