Saturday, January 26, 2013

Liberal Leader Chosen Today

28 local Liberals will be taking part in the Ontario party's Leadership Convention today. Vince Mirabelli, the president of the Superior North Liberal Riding Association says if there is not an early winner, there could be a come-from-behind victory like when Dalton McGuinty won in 1996. Six candidates are vying for the top job, the final vote comes down later today.

Health Unit Starts "STOP" Program

The Thunder Bay Health Unit is encouraging local smokers to take part in their "STOP" program. The program gives participants five weeks of free products like nicotine gum, patches, lozenges and inhalers. A "STOP" workshop will be held on January 28th and anyone who is interested is asked to contact the Health Unit.

RBC Good Penny News

Some good news for clients with Royal Bank. After the penny is phased out on February 4th, you may end up having to fork out a bit less at the bank. Sherry Williams is a teller with the Dryden branch, and says that most of the time the cents will be rounded down if you are paying cash. Williams adds that rolled pennies can be dropped off at their location.