Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More record temperatures in store for Northwestern Ontario

You can expect a mixed bag of weather for the long weekend. Environment Canada's Geoff Coulson says we could set new records for warmth for the next few days but Saturday we will see a change to cooler temperatures and rain.  Coulson says the sun will come back out Sunday and will bring the temperatures back up to the double digit mark.

Fort Frances man dies from a form of Mad Cow Disease

A Fort Frances man has died from a disease closely related to Mad Cow disease. The Northwestern Health Unit confirmed the man died from a rare form of Creutzfeldt  - Jakob's disease. Director of Health Protection – Arlene Lesenski says this form of disease is NOT linked to a another form contracted by eating tainted meat from cattle. The man died  last week.

Vancouver Police make arrest in connection with the death of a Thunder Bay woman

Vancouver police made an arrest in the murder of a former Thunder Bay resident. 45 year old Alexander Le Grace was arrested and is charged with second degree murder in the death of 43 year old Tammy-Lynne Cordone. Cordone was originally from Thunder Bay but was living in Vancouver at the time.