Friday, July 22, 2011

"Thunder Bay's Katrina"

Talk about baptism by fire, Mayor Keith Hobbs has experienced his first city emergency since being elected as he oversaw the city process forest fire evacuees. Hobbs says it was a quick learn for everyone adding this was Thunder Bay's Katrina and they learned a lot going through the exercise. Hobbs says the city is not out of the woods yet since the forest fires can flare up at anytime

Hay complains of operational problems

Fire Chief John Hay is confident Premier McGuinty has the message that there were flaws in processing forest fire evacuees in Thunder Bay. Hay says there weren't enough planes to fly evacuees out once they got here. At the moment the operations in Thunder Bay are at a standstill until more evacuees arrive.

McGuinty says lessons learned in Thunder Bay

Premier Dalton McGuinty calls them lessons learned. Thunder Bay officials have complained to the Premier about problems handling forest fire evacuees this week saying there weren't enough planes to fly them out.  McGuinty says he received some great advice from local officials which the government will incorporate and take into account.  McGuinty reaffirmed that his government will not call a State of Emergency as the result of forest fires in the northwest.

City buildings up for heritage designation

Nine city buildings are on the list for heritage designation. Deputy City Clerk Sheelagh Hendrick says if approved by council it'll be harder to have the buildings demolished.
Buildings on the list are:
· 8 Cumberland Street South known locally as the former Atkinson’s Jewelers;
· 27 Cumberland Street South known locally as the former Bank of Montreal/ Prospector Steak House;
· 2-18 Court Street South known locally as the Ruttan Block;
· 808 Ridgeway Street East known locally as St. Paul’s Anglican Church;
· 1918 Yonge Street known locally as the Paterson Building/TBT Engineering Ltd.;
· Iron Ore Dock located at 490 Maureen Street;
· 96 High Street North known locally as the former Hillcrest High School;
· 621 Selkirk Street South known locally as St. Patrick High School; and
· 146 Court Street North known locally as the McVicar Manor

Still no word on airport damage costs

The price tag on the damage done at the Airport during Wednesday's storm is still unknown.  President Scott McFadden says a complete assessment has to be completed before estimates are known.  McFadden says right now workers are making the terminal building weather tight.

Rydholm has deer concerns

City Councillor Linda Rydholm believes there are too many deer in the city and that's causing problems, especially in her Neebing Ward. She wants to ask city administration to look into solutions on how to possibly reduce the population. Rydholm says the deer contribute to property damage and have become a road hazard

McGuinty to meet with evacuees in T.Bay

The Premier will be in Thunder Bay this afternoon to meet with fire officials.  Dalton McGuinty is first flying into Dryden at 9 central time and will spend some time talking with evacuees.

Inflation rate drops in June

Thunder Bay's Inflation rate saw a big drop last month.  Our rate went from 4.3 percent in May to 3.7 percent last month.  That follows the national and provincial trends which dropped to 3.1 and 3.6 percent respectively.

Gas prices shooting up again

Be prepared to pay for more when you fill up your vehicle next.  According to the website stations in Thunder Bay are now selling regular at just under a buck 37 a litre.