Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nelson stands by new hospital prez

Ron Nelson calls it pure politics. Nelson headed the committee that chose New Brunswick's Andree Robichaud as the new president of the Health Sciences Centre. Robichaud's departure has caused a stir in that province, with some politicians saying she was forced out of her job as CEO of a health network. Nelson says Robichaud has what it takes for the job adding she knows what it takes to make tough but necessary decisions. He says that Robichaud is being accused of things that simply aren't true and doesn't believe it will bring a distraction to her job here.

The water rescue that wasn't

A false alarm on the waterfront. Thunder Bay rescue crews weren't needed for a water rescue at the Marina on Wednesday afternoon. The call came in as a sailboat overturned on Lake Superior. However it turns out it was a sailing school practicing capsizing

Robichaud's departure causes stir

Controversy is surrounding the incoming president of the Regional Health Sciences Centre. A news report indicates Andree Robichaud is in the middle of a political storm in New Brunswick where she is leaving her post as a health corporation CEO to come to Thunder Bay. The story says that the province's opposition Conservatives believe Robichaud was forced out of her job there. They claim she is taking the heat over allegations of poor management. However, Robichaud is quoted as saying that the New Brunswick Health Authority wanted her to stay as CEO.

Police nab suspect

City police are investigating a reported south side assault. They say they were called to an incident on May Street near Miles at around 11 a.m. One person was handcuffed and arrested while pedestrians and passing motorists looked on. The alleged victim had apparently left the scene.

Humidity keeping fire hazard under control

Our hot muggy weather may actually be helping to keep the forest fire hazard in check. Jeff Antoszek of the Ministry of Natural Resources says it's because the humidity is helping out.  He says  moist heat waves don't affect the hazard as much because the humidity helps to keep wood and other fuels from drying out.  The fire hazard for most of the Northwest Region is low to moderate.

FTC Canada to feed our hungry

 A Canadian charity organization is going to be active in Thunder Bay Thursday. Feed the Children is partnering with An Eagles Cry Life Centre on Simpson Street to help the poor according to FTC's Darrell Mills. The Centre will be helping to distribute food and health boxes to the needy. FTCs Darrell Mills says that in total 350 families will benefit.The distribution takes place from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Thunder Bay athlete at 2011 Pan Am Games

A Thunder Bay athlete has been asked to be the assistant to the 2011 Canadian Pan American Team.  Curt Harnett says his position will be a mentor to the members of the Canadian team.  Harnett says he's honored to be given the opportunity.

Firefighters need to keep cool too

Responding to a fire in the hot weather can be a challenge for city firefighers. They have to wear their heavy coats when it's 30 degrees. Fire Chief John Hay says there's a plan in place for such an event. He says precautions are taken to ensure their health and safety. He says that includes rotating the crews and keeping them hydrated at all times. Hay says it's similar to the precautions they take when fighting a fire in minus 30 degree temperatures.

Fire hazard is low

The fire hazard is still low to moderate for the region. No new fires were reported in the region yesterday. The Ministry of Natural resources says rainfall and high relative humidity have affected the fire hazard. High relative humidity prevents wet vegetation from drying. There are currently 12 active fires in the region.

India's Mining Minister set to vist Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is going to host India's Mining Minister.  Bijoy Krishna Handique will tour Ontario starting tomorrow and will be making the rounds of the province until Tuesday.  Handique will be visiting mines in an effort to attract some of those companies to India.