Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hundreds of locals on Sunshine List

The sun is certainly shining on over 500 public servants in Thunder Bay who made more than 100 thousand dollars thanks to your provincial tax dollars.  The province's so called Sunshine list is out and it shows over 200 of the top public money makers in the city last year worked at Lakehead University and 100 within the City of Thunder Bay, including Police Inspector Dan Taddeo who made a 140 thousand dollars while under suspension. Health care workers earned a good bulk of the money as well. Ron Saddington the former CEO at the Regional Health Sciences Centre made over 400 thousand dollars while Tracey Buckler the top gun at St. Joseph's Care group collected over 300 thousand dollars. A link to the list is here

Bombardier deal draws criticism

The City of Thunder Bay will benefit from the province's eight billion dollar investment in a new transit line across Toronto. Premier Dalton McGuinty says cars for the light rail line will be built in our Bombardier plant. Meanwhile, the Union Rep for workers at the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay isn't happy with the plan. Paul Pugh says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stong armed this deal. Pugh adds the new deal will take work away from Bombardier a reduction from the original contract. Thunder Bay Atikokan MPP Bill Mauro says he's looking into how this will impact the Bombardier plant.

More money to drop off trash

It's no April Fools joke.  It's going to cost you more to drop off your trash at the city's landfill.  It will cost over 50 dollars for loads of garbage that weigh more than 140 kilograms.  The gate fee for residents dropping off loads weighing less than 140 kilograms will be 7 dollars.

New Job Resource Centre Open

First Nations residents looking for job experience need look no further than the Matawa First Nations Office.  The building is now home to a job resource centre.  Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy says its for both young and old.  The resource centre will provide financial assistance to those residents looking to expand their options.  Child care will be on site.  Classes will be held to teach residents how to prepare for a job interview and write a resume.

Another 50-thousand dollar winner

Thunder Bay has another lottery winner.  53 year old Joseph Veltri won 50-thousand dollars playing instant KENO scratch tickets.

OPP continue search for Wabasse

It could take several days for the OPP's Underwater Search and Recovery team to finish searching the Kam River. Crews are examining the water below the James Street bridge for signs of Jordan Wabasse. Thunder Bay Police Spokesperson Chris Adams says they'll decide on a day by day basis whether or not to continue the search. The OPP are using high tech sonar devices to see what is underneath the water's surface. The 17 year old has been missing for just under two months.

Study outlines problems with homeless youth

Thunder Bay's sub-culture of homeless street kids is a serious problem according to local experts. A 3 month study for the Children's Aid Society paints a picture of youth who are addicted to substances and have no place to go according to Executive Director Rob Richardson. The report makes 5 recommendations to help ease the problem

Election keeping Home Energy Evaluators in limbo

A handful of home energy evaluators are without work in Thunder Bay because of the Federal election.  The evaluators are in Limbo because the Home Energy Retrofit program is set to expire Thursday and can't be reinstated until a government is formed.  EcoSuperior's Ellen Mortfield says hopefully the next government will keep the program going because it brings back 2 dollars for every one invested by the government in tax revenues and other spending.  Mortfield says EcoSuperior has handed out 3 million dollars in grants through the program since 2007.