Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Local businessman denies involvement in Ndrangheta

There is total denial from a Thunder Bay man who is one of several named in a warrant by police in Italy. The warrant accuses Rocco Minnella of being a part of the organized crime group called the Ndrangheta. As the owner of a local business Minnella says he would never jeopardize his family or friends by being involved in such a group

Destroyed truck was due for replacement

The city is not sweating the loss of a garbage truck in a Tuesday night fire. The blaze at the Mountdale yard facility completely destroyed the 200 thousand dollar vehicle. However the city's Mike Miron says it just so happens that truck was ready to be retired in May and replaced with a new one.  Miron says the loss only means the city will be without a spare garbage truck until May.

SIU clears Dryden police

Dryden police are breathing a sigh of relief.   They have been exonerated in the death of a man who became sick in a police jail cell. The province's Special Investigation's Unit says the man was taken into custody after being released from hospital last May for being too drunk. He became sick in jail  and was taken back to the hospital, where he passed away.  The S-I-U says the cause of his death isn't known, but police did nothing wrong while he was in custody.

Cancer prevention program launched

The Health Sciences Centre is back with an in-your-face campaign to promote colon cancer prevention. Households will be getting a screening kit in the mail.  There is also an intense advertising program planned.  It's designed to get people over 50 to get tested for the disease. Thunder Bay is below the provincial average when it comes to colon cancer screening.

Thunder Bay men wanted by Italian police

7 Thunder Bay men have arrest warrants issued against them by Italian Authorities.  The warrants are part of the latest crack down on the Ndrangheta.  Officials with the Department of Justice declined to comment because this is a matter of extradition.  Thunder Bay police spokesperson Chris Adams says there has been no formal request from Italian authorities at this time.

Power back on at LU

Lakehead University along with a stretch of Oliver Road was without power this morning.  Officials at Thunder Bay Hydro say an equipment failure caused the outage that kept the school in the dark for most of the morning.  The cause of the failure isn't known at this time.

Gas prices rising again

Expect another stiff shot to the wallet today if you have to fill your tank. Prices are on the rise again and already some stations in the city are posting regular at a buck 33 a litre. The increase is being blamed on oil prices sky rocketing in the wake of Libyan Civil war.

Fire destroys garbage truck

A garbage truck was destroyed after a fire inside a city owned garage.  Fire officials say the blaze started in the truck just after 7 last night on Mountdale Road.  There was minimal damage to the building and no one was hurt.