Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bombardier keeps lawyers at bay

Bombardier says it's just an observer for now .   Company spokesperson Marc Laforge says comments by the Toronto mayor that he'll scrap the company's billion dollar TTC contract are strictly political. He says the company wants to stay out of it.  Laforge says it's premature to talk about a lawsuit involving the Thunder Bay plant.

Gas price skyrockets

Gas prices are up in the city....Stations have jacked up the price of regular gas to about 1 dollar 22 a litre. The price of regular had been hovering in the dollar 7 to dollar 11 mark for months.

Kaszycki updates Thunder Bay on Ring of Fire

Thunder Bay will soon have an office for the Ring of Fire project.  Coordinator Christine Kaszycki says they recently posted a director's position in Thunder Bay.  They hope to have an office set up and someone in the position by January.  Kaszycki was in the city on Wednesday to give an update on the Ring of Fire.

Pugh meeting in T.O.

Thunder Bay's incoming City Councillor is already hard at work. Paul Pugh is in Toronto meeting with a variety of organizations about the Bombardier TTC contract. Pugh says he plans to speak with city councillors. Pugh says he's going to express to Toronto council that canceling the contract will mean millions of dollars in fees. Pugh adds there's no point in talking to Ford because it's a waste of time.

Chum plans to crack down on drugs

The Nishinawbe-Aski Nation will welome a new Police Chief in January. Claude Chum is the incoming Chief and says he wants to work on community policing initiatives. Chum adds he plans to continue to crack down on illegal prescription drug use.

Jeffery wants proof of favouritism

Show me the proof says Natural Resources Minister Linda Jeffery.    The NDP's Gilles Bisson claims road access to some remote lakes in the north is being cut off in favour of tourist outfitters.  Jeffery says Bisson has yet to provide her with any details.  Meantime Jeffery knows First Nations still struggle with accepting her Far North Act.  However she's pleading with them to give it time.   She suggests there are many who secretly support it.  

Di Novo thinks Wynne needs to use clout

Another NDP MPP is wondering why the McGuinty Government isn't doing anything about the Bombardier TTC contract.  Cheri Di Novo says Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne needs to use her clout to pursuade Toronto council to continue with the project.  Di Novo says Wynne has taken a stand back approach and needs to be more forceful.  Toronto's new Mayor Rob Ford announced on Wednesday that he plans to cut the TTC light rail contract.

Wilson doesn't believe TTC deal is doomed

The president of the Chamber of Commerce is saying don't panic. Harold Wilson says he understands there are concerns about Bombardier's TTC contract being torn up by the new mayor of Toronto. However Wilson says it doesn't mean it'll happen.   He says that Rob Ford has only one vote on a city council that has over 40 members.   Wilson believes local decision makers should have a unified voice on the issue

Graduate Retention Report Released

Northwestern Ontario's labour force has a hard time retaining post secondary graduates.  That's one of the findings in a report created by the North Superior Workforce Planning Board.  Author Livio Di Mateo says the first step is to create a graduate survey.  The report also recommends retention incentive programs and employer surveys.