Wednesday, May 1, 2013


At least one person is in custody after a sharp eyed city police officer spotted a stolen pick up truck from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta this afternoon.   After noticing the vehicle and confirming it was stolen the officer stopped the truck in the marina parking lot. 

Resolute Increases Pension Contribution

Some good news for Resolute Forest Product workers.   The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union  says that the company has agreed to increase its  pension payments from the current 50 million dollars per year to 80 million dollars per year for the next 8 years .  It's to meet the company's legal obligations to top up underfunded pension plans. Union spokesperson Stephen Boon says while they are pleased with the increase,  pensions still remain underfunded.

Lawyer Pleads Guilty

An assistant crown attorney in Thunder Bay recently plead guilty to drunk driving in Ontario court.  Karen Scullion was charged with a drinking and driving offence last year.  She was also fined over a thousand dollars and was suspended from work until the matter was resolved.

More Snow On The Way

You may want to put on a few extra layers this week, as Thunder Bay is due for yet another snowfall. Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says a cold front has just moved through Thunder Bay, drastically lowering temperatures. Environment Canada is calling for 10 centimeters of snow.  Coulson says there is also a chance of freezing rain on Saturday.

H.S. Asking Teens To Be Tan Free

Sir Winston Churchill High School is asking its students to be "tan free" for grad.  Student leader Melissa Johnston says they've noticed students skin starting to get more orange over the years and that's why they've launched this campaign.   Students who pledge to be tan free have a chance to win prizes.

Tbay Tel Revenues Up

Revenues are up for the tenth year for Tbay Tel.   Councillor Ken Boshcoff took in the municipal telephone annual general meeting Tuesday night and says it's good news for the City.  Boshcoff says the company will be giving the City a 17 million dollar dividend. 

Spring Up To Clean Up

The first day of May brings area businesses cleaning up litter around their offices today.  It's part of Eco Superior's annual Spring Up to Clean Up program.  During the month of May residents are encouraged to help clean up their neighbourhoods.

LRCA Issues Flood Outlook

The Conservation Authority is asking you to watch out for localized flooding.  Officials say it's as the result of our recent snow melt and rainfall.   They say low lying areas would most affected while in the city the Neebing-Mcintyre Floodway is protecting the Intercity area along with the lower Neebing River.

Rafferty Curious About Mysterious Spending

MP John Rafferty has a lot of questions surrounding one of the findings of federal auditor Michael Ferguson.   As a member of the Public Safety and Security Committee Rafferty is curious about some mysterious spending, specifically an unaccounted expenditure of 3.1 billion dollars in anti-terror funding. Rafferty wants to see how the Harper government explains away the spending.

Coroner Probing Possible Bath Salt Deaths

The regional coroner says it could take a couple of months before he knows if two recent deaths in the city are directly connected to a new drug called bath salts.  Dr. Michael Wilson says the challenge is to find what role, if any, the new drug played in the deaths and if the bath salts were a direct cause or a contributing factor to the deaths.  Wilson says while research on the drug is new,  it's clear that the drug is not safe.

Tripping On History

The Lake Superior Art Gallery is leading the way on a historical walk through the Fort William Business District. It's called a Jane's Walk and historical neighbourhood tours are taking place across the City Saturday. Art Gallery Spokesperson JP Fraser says they'll look at what once was in Fort William. The walk starts Saturday at 11 and Fraser expects anywhere from 50 to 60 people to take part.

Licensing Blitz Will See A Second Phase

If you think the city's pet licensing blitz is intrusive now, just wait.   Licensing boss Ron Bourret says phase two consists of going after pet owners who have never purchased a tag for their dog or cat.  He says it'll be a combined effort of all his staff, meaning, building inspectors, by-law enforcement officers and even the police.   Right now inspectors are going to the doors of pet owners who have been delinquent paying their pet licence fees