Monday, April 23, 2012

Innova touted for Mining Centre of Excellence

Consultants hired by the city say that Innova Park could be the site for not only a new events centre, but a proposed Mining Centre of Excellence. As part of the study looking at the Junot and Golf Links roadway the consultants told councillors Innova Park can accommodate quite a bit of activity. The consultants also say the area could be the site for big box retailers. However Mayor Keith Hobbs believes the entire study is flawed because it's been shown the mining industry is not interested in moving to Innova. 

Rafferty disappointed over Hyer's decision

Bruce Hyer is not getting support for his decision to leave the NDP from his federal Thunder Bay colleague. MP John Rafferty believes that Hyer's plan to sit as an independent will compromise his ability to be an effective MP. Rafferty thinks he should have honoured the possibility of working within the system and solving his problems instead of just leaving.

Hyer quits NDP

Thunder Bay MP Bruce Hyer is embarking on a new journey in the House of Commons. He has quit the NDP to sit as an Independent. Hyer says there are many reasons for his decision, but a recent move by leader Thomas Mulcair on the gun registry sealed the deal because it would have forced Hyer to vote against the party line again. Hyer also says he's disappointed with the dysfunction he sees on Parliament Hill.

Good treats for good deeds

Youth will now be rewarded for random acts of kindness in the city. A new positive ticketing campaign was launched today by Mac's Convenience store in partnership with the city's Crime Prevention Council. Spokesperson Tom Walters believes it could benefit the city. Police will give out the coupons for free frosters when they spot youth doing good deeds.

City lawmakers tackle the urban landscape

Councillors will get an education on urban landscaping tonight at City Hall.  A consultant will be on hand to explain his proposal for making laws so that new city developments include landscaping in their design concept.   As well tonight councillors will consider supporting area First Nations development and involvement in  Ring of Fire mining projects.

Speeding ticket leads to more

A Nova Scotia man is in trouble with the law after a speeding ticket turned into something more on the Trans Canada Highway near Marathon Sunday.   Police say that in addition to having outstanding warrants from Southern Ontario the man and his passenger were unable to tell police how they came to have about 30 thousand dollars in their possession.   The money is now is the hands of police. 

It's Victims of Crime Awareness Week

Anyone can become a victim of crime.  That's the message from Thunder Bay's Victim Services during the 7th annual National Crime Awareness Week.  Chair Sharon Bak wants to raise awareness through the community about their services.  The organization held a special flag raising ceremony at City Hall Monday morning.

Poverty plays role in residents quality of life

A local report suggests that the quality of life for many people in Thunder Bay is impeded by barriers which aren't always under their control.   Quality of Life Network Chair Nancy Chamberlain says of the over 200 people questioned, those living in poverty felt they were being discriminated against.  The Network is made up of 28 non-profit organizations and the report was funded by the Provincial Government's Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.

National BIA conference on in T.Bay

Thunder Bay's local business districts are looking forward to picking the brains of other business leaders during a four day conference at the Valhalla Inn.  The National Business Improvement Area conference has brought in over 200 delegates from across the Country and Local Spokesperson Jim Hupka says there's a lot they can learn.  It's the first time the conference has been held North of Lake Superior.

Rafferty is FEDNOR critic

Local Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP John Rafferty is the newly appointed official opposition critic for FedNor. Rafferty is happy with the decision and looks forward to continue representing Northern Ontarians. NDP leader Tom Mulcair announced the decision at the unveiling of his first shadow cabinet as leader of the official opposition.