Friday, July 2, 2010

Stanley Cup here July 10th!

Thunder Bay is getting another visit from Lord Stanley's legacy. The Stanley Cup is being brought here Saturday, July 10th by Chicago Blackhawk star Patrick Sharp. It will be on display at the Fort William Gardens from 11 am until 1 pm. Last year Jordan Staal of the Pittsburgh Penguins, brought the cup here and thousands of hockey fans came to catch a glimpse and get their picture taken with hockey's holy grail

Thousands attend celebrations

Another successful Canada Day at Marina Park. Co-ordinator Melissa Wnuk says all event and activities took place without a hitch. She says over 20 thousand attended the festivities on Water Street and at Marina Park. Wnuk says there were a few minor incidents, but nothing serious and the weather cooperated.

Columbus making return visits next year

The city is continuing its efforts to make Thunder Bay a cruise ship destination on the Great Lakes.   Tourism Manager Paul Pepe says that next year the MV Columbus will be making two stops in the city. It will bring with it 900 passenger over the two visits.  The Columbus is no stranger to the city.  It has made several ports of call here over the last decade.  For the last two years the Clelia II has been making it's way here, but this will be it's final season.  Pictured:  MV Columbus

Social Services Building soon to be built

Thunder Bay's social services board is eagerly awaiting construction on its new building.  Work began over the weekend to prepare the site, with asbsestos being removed.  The main tender for the construction of the building will be issued in late August.

Gas is up

Thunder Bay motorists might have got a shock when they pulled into their local service station yesterday.  The price of gas at the pump took a big jump on July 1st. The Harmonized Sales Tax kicked in yesterday and resulted in an eight cent a liter increase in the price at the pump.  Gas now costs anywhere from 108.9 to 116.9 cents a liter.  Gasoline is just one of the projects that is subject to the new HST.

Coroner's investigation continues

The regional coroner's office says it will be several more months before they conclude an investigation into the death of Willow Scott Hannam.  Dr. Michael Wilson says once the investigation concludes they'll share the information with the family.  Wilson adds after the investigation concludes they will decide whether or not to launch an inquiry into the death.  The four year old died while on a school field trip to Fort William Historical Park May 31st.  

Re-Store is an HST free zone

There's a way to get around paying sales tax on home renovation items...and it's not illegal. Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store doesn't have to charge the HST according to Manager Keith MacMillan. He says because they sell used donated goods they don't have to charged the HST. MacMillan says previously they were charging the PST, but the new tax eliminates that. He believes his store is the only place in the city that doesn't charge sales tax.