Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OPP release RIDE results

The OPP aren't happy with the results of the festive RIDE program.  Spokesperson Shelly Garr says its disappointing to see 7 people in Thunder Bay still drinking and driving and in the region another 40 people were charged with impaired driving.

Iran US dispute is just heated rhetoric

Tension in the middle east continue to rise but don't expect any major fireworks.  That's the opinion of Lakehead Political Science Expert Laure Paquette.  She says increased naval activity between the US and Iran is a step above sabre rattling considering they both are moving large ships into a narrow area like the Straight of Hormuz.  Paquette says she thinks the two sides will soon take a step back and try to come to a diplomatic resolution to current problems.

Hospital CEO salaries are now public information

The CEO of the Regional Health Sciences Centre is happy that the salaries of her colleagues across the province will be open to the public.  Hospital CEO salaries were made public Tuesday and Andree Robichaud says its a smart move because the public deserves to know where tax money is going.  Robichaud earned 390 thousand dollars in 2011. 

Holiday RIDE stats are in

City police aren't happy with the results of the Holiday RIDE program.  Constable Bill Pollock says about 25 people were caught drinking and driving in the month of December.  Pollock says over 55 hundred vehicles were pulled over during the campaign and its very discouraging to still see people drinking and driving.

Outbreak at Interim LTC

A stomach flu like illness is making the rounds of Thunder Bay's Interim Long Term Care facility.  The Health Unit has declared an outbreak.  Admissions, transfers, discharges and social activities have been cancelled until further notice.

City talks waterfront hotel

It's the new year, and there's still no official date for when the name of the waterfront hotel will be announced. City Spokesperson Greg Alexander says they are still waiting for the land transfer to go through. Alexander says he understands that there's a lot of speculation about the project.