Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kyle: campaign has big learning curve

Thunder Bay-Superior North Green Party Candidate Scot Kyle says the first week of his campaign has had a big learning curve but so far he's enjoying it. He's been going door to door to meet voters and has been sharing some of his ideas. Kyle says he'd like to see more greenspace in the city, less waste and believes sustainable industry could provide an economic boost for the region. Kyle will be campaigning in Thunder Bay this week and says he'd like to attend the Thunder Bay-Superior North debate in Marathon on Wednesday if scheduling permits.

Fricot says campaign is going well

Superior-North Liberal candi-date Yves Fricot says his campaign is on track as he heads into week number two. Fricot has been going door to door and says he's been having some good conver-sations with voters. According to Fricot, the voters he’s been speaking with aren’t happy with how they’re being governed or how their tax dollars are being spent. The Liberal candidate also says that voters want to talk about the future of Northern Ontario and how to make Parliament work for the region. Fricot will be heading to Terrace Bay, Schreiber and Nipigon this week and will participate in the first Thunder Bay-Superior North debate in Marathon on Wednesday.

Harvey finds campaign response is encouraging

Superior-North Conservative candi-date Richard Harvey is feeling upbeat after the first week of his campaign. He’s been knocking on doors throughout the riding and says the response he’s been getting is encouraging. According to Harvey, voters he’s talked to say they want to see a change in how they’re repres-ented and that they aren’t thrilled about having another election. Harvey also serves as Mayor of Nipigon, but has taken a leave from the position in order to concentrate on the campaign. Harvey will be in Thunder Bay at the start of the week and will be in Marathon on Wednesday for the first Thunder Bay-Superior North debate.

Hyer feeling good about campaign

As week two of the election kicks off Thunder Bay-Superior North NDP MP Bruce Hyer says the campaign to defend his seat is going well. Hyer says election time provides a nice opportunity to meet with his constituents. He says voters are telling him they feel the current government in Ottawa is out of touch with Northwestern Ontario. This is the MP’s fourth federal election and he says any shyness he had when he first started is long gone and he enjoys meeting voters. Hyer is heading to the North Shore at the beginning of the week and will be participating in the first Superior-North debate in Marathon on Wednesday.

Frank Mahovlich gives Fricot assist

A Toronto Maple Leaf turned Ottawa Senator is putting his support behind Thunder Bay-Superior North Liberal Candidate Yves Fricot. Liberal Senator Frank Mahovlich was in town Saturday making the rounds with Fricot. The hockey legend and Timmins native says from where he stands the Liberal party is a good fit for Northwestern Ontario because he feels the Liberals have done a lot for Canada. Mahovlich cited the Pearson and Trudeau governments as examples and says the party feels Michael Ignatieff could be the same kind of leader. In addition to talking politics, Mahovlich spent much of his time signing autographs and talking hockey with eager fans.