Friday, June 25, 2010

Come on feel the noise

The city is experimenting with noise around the City Hall Transit Terminal. Transit Manager Brand Loroff says it's part of a study for a possible future terminal location. He says it's being done to gather data on what the noise and air quality would be at any given location in the city. The current site at City Hall is only temporary until a new temporary location on Violet Street is ready. The study will be taking place all this week.

New occupational health clinic open

Workers in Thunder Bay will have a new resourse to utilize. An occupational health clinic opened yesterday on Barton Street. It is a pilot project designed to assist clients who would normally directed to the Sudbury office of the Occupatyioanl Health Clinics for Ontario Workers. It's an offshoot of the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. Steve Mantis of the local Injured Workers Support Group says the pilot project is long overdo. Mantis says having these services is great for workers across the district.

Paramedics get latest lifesaving device

There's new equipment on board city ambulances. Superior North EMS has purchased new devices that will help paramedics open air passages of heart patients. Deputy Chief Wayne Gates says its another useful lifesaving tool called call Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices.   All 35 ambulances have been equiped with the devices at a cost of 42 thousand dollars.

Cats make roster moves

Injuries and such are keeping the Thunder Bay Border Cats on their toes. The club announcing that pitcher Nathan Kennedy is out for rest of season with a right elbow injury. Released were two players, catcher Brooklyn Foster and infielder Joel Stubbs. Added to the roster are three players: pitchers Alex Murrieta and Connor Little along with infielder Sean Miller-Jones

Local mother faces charges in child's injuries

A 38 year old Oliver Paipoonge woman is facing charges in connection with the hospitalization of her 3 year old daughter over the winter. Police say the woman is charged with Criminal Negligence and Failing to Provide the Necessities of Life. The toddler was transported by air ambulance from her family's home on Candy Mountain Road in the early morning hours of February 16th. Police were called after hospital staff felt the child's injuries were suspicious. The little girl is still recovering in hospital. The woman has been released from custody and will be back in court August 9th

Clelia II back for the season

The Cruise Ship Clelia II is back in the city for another season . It arrived in port after 6 Friday morning. The ship will only remain here for half a day or so on each visit. Time enough for the 100 or so tourists to roam the city. It's the first of 10 trips to the city this season.

Local film industry gets a shot of adrenaline

There's a new website up and running designed to help the local film community grow. It got off the ground with the help of the city's Economic Development Commission. CEO Steve Demmings says they're reaching for a global audience.   Among other things, the website is collecting a data base of possible filming locations in the city. Local filmaker Dave Clement says it's just what is needed to help make film production easy in Thunder Bay, by giving us a better shot at the potential 30 million industry dollars that could be up for grabs.  Clement says it's possible to get 10 to 15 million of that  here