Sunday, September 5, 2010

Police release woman's name

Thunder bay police have released the name of a woman who was found dead Friday at the Travelodge Hotel on West Arthur.

She's been identified as Verna Patricia Sturgeon of Big Trout Lake.

Police have arrested Joanee Vivier and Michele Morris in connection with the death. The two women have been charged with first degree murder.

Police airport arrest/ George Burke vandalized

Police arrested a man at the Thunder Bay Airport around 9:30 last night. They say it was in connection with a domestic dispute. They needed to use four officers in the arrest in case he refused to cooperate. The man was handcuffed at the top of the escalator without incident.

Also, police recovered a stolen, fire damaged vehicle at the George Burke baseball diamond yesterday. The vehicle was used to damage the ball field early Saturday morning before it was set on fire. Police are looking for information regarding the incident.

Anti-tobacco industry activist visits city

Errol Povah has been running and walking his way across Canada since he left Victoria, B.C . on May 31st. Povah says he's been traveling 42 kilometers a day on foot to raise money and create awareness about the dangers of smoking.

His eventual destination is Montreal and possibly New York where he plans to visit the offices of tobacco companies. Povah says someday he'd like to see the tobacco industry gone altogether.

Thunder Bay group Youth Engaged in Tobacco Free Initiatives welcomed Povah to the city Saturday morning at Marina Park. YETI brought their nine foot high puppet "Big Tobacco" to the event.

Traveling alone, Povah moves his van (which serves as his shelter) up the highway as he goes and doubles back so he can cover the distance on foot. He expects to reach Montreal by October.