Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heberts tries to reduce tax increase by using reserve funds

Councillor Larry Hebert tried to reduce the budget tax increase by drawing 2.5 million dollars from the Renew Thunder Bay Fund. Hebert didn't like the idea of increasing taxes to fix roads when it could come from the city's reserves. Councillor Foulds argued, that reserve fund is designed to fund legacy projects like the multi-plex. In the end council voted against Hebert's motion.

Council shoots down library budget increase

City Council held another budget meeting Wednesday night and there wasn't much in the way of fireworks.  Councillors seemed to be pretty content to tow the line with not many attempts to make any additions or subtractions.  Councillor Andrew Foulds tried to increase library hours to the tune of an extra 100 thousand dollars but the motion was shot down. 

Book of condolences open at City Hall

A book of condolences is now open at City Hall to allow you to pay your respects to the late Dusty Miller. The former mayor of Thunder Bay died this week at the age of 82. The flags at city hall will be flying at half staff until her funeral.

Chamber prez critical of Drummond report

Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce president Harold Wilson is disappointed the Drummond report to the McGuinty government doesn't pay enough attention to the importance of the Ring of Fire mining development.  Wilson says he would like to see more emphasis on it.   He thinks Drummond may not understand the opportunity the development provides

Report isn't a budget: Mauro

A 700 page report to the McGuinty government provides 362 recommendations to prevent the province from going into a financial abyss.   The Drummond report says overall program spending for every person in the province should be cut by 16 per cent MPP Bill Mauro is quick to point out that the Drummond report is by no means government policy and that it simply provides advice and it's not the budget. Mauro says the report shows that it's a time for restraint in the province.

Wareham trial in final stage

The Andre Wareham murder trial will be going to the jury tomorrow.   Justice Terrance Platana is going to be giving his legal instructions to the 12 members at 11 am.   Wareham faces a second degree murder charge in connection with the stabbing death of William Atkins in 2009.  Wareham maintains it was self defence.

Police officer fails to show for hearing

A Police Services Act hearing for a Thunder Bay police Sgt. is taking place without the officer or his lawyer.   For the second time in a row Jim Mauro failed to show for the hearing into charges of misconduct.   The hearing officer, Morris Elbers ruled that the hearing will go on without Sgt. Mauro or his lawyer present.

Eight years for Manslaughter

Two Thunder Bay women are going to jail after being sentenced in a manslaughter case.    Joanne Vivier and Michelle Morris pleaded guilty in the death of a Big Trout Lake woman who's body was found in a room at the Arthur Street Travelodge Hotel in September of 2010.   In a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning they were each given a sentence of eight years.

Shoal Lake man dies in Winnipeg

A northwestern Ontario man who was months away from becoming a father is Winnipeg's fourth homicide victim of this year.  Eighteen-year-old Wahb Mandamin of Shoal Lake First Nation was stabbed near his hotel early yesterday.  He was in the city to accompany his girlfriend to her ultrasound appointment.

STI's in NWO

The Northwestern Health Unit is reporting high rates of sexually transmitted infections in the Kenora and Rainy River districts. The Health Unit's Gillian Lunny says chlamydia and gonorrhea are most commonly detected in the region.

Sexual Assault and Stabbing in Thunder Bay

Police are charging a 37 year old man in connection to two separate incidents this morning.  Sgt. Brain Crocker says they were called to a Park Avenue Apartment building by a woman who was reporting a sexual assault.  Police say the suspect in the sexual assault was also involved in a stabbing on Ambrose Street.  A 37 year old man is being charged in connection to the two incidents.