Monday, June 4, 2012

City Sets Up Flood Relief Fund

Thunder Bay City Council is moving a half-million dollars from their savings to a new flood relief fund.  Money in the fund will be used to cover cleaning up the homes of flood victims and covering their insurance claims.  City Manager Tim Commisso says no Provincial or Federal funds will flow until the Province declares Thunder Bay a disaster area.  Meanwhile, the Provincial Disaster Relief team came to the City Monday to asses the flood and decide if it`s a disaster area.

Health Unit Reports Respiratory Illness After Flood

Thunder Bay's Health Unit is reporting some people in the City being sent to the hospital with respiratory illness after last week's flood.  Public Health Inspector Chris Beveridge says 10 people seeked treatment at the Health Sciences Centre recently.  Beveridge reminds residents to take precautions with plastic masks,gloves and goggles while cleaning up their flood damaged homes.

Matson & Crew Provide Council With Flood Update

Good news for the beleaguered sewage treatment plant.  General Manager Darryl Matson says they were able to get one of their 5 pumps running.  The pump has been running since Monday afternoon.  The temporary pumping stations are being powered down since they no longer can reach the sewage and water that needs to be pumped out.  Meanwhile, the Provincial Disaster Relief team came to the City Monday to asses living conditions and the status of the emergency.

LU Researcher Gets Cash

A Lakehead University Researcher is getting funding for his work into safer driving.  Dr. Michel Bedard and his fellow researcher received almost 400 thousand dollars for their work creating a training program for testing drivers age 65 and over.

Inmate Dies In Hospital

A quarrel between two inmates at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre has ended with one of them dead. Thunder Bay Police say 35 year old Sherman Quisses passed away in hospital after receiving an injury from a sharp object. Acting Detective Inspector Don Lewis says charges are pending for the 19 year old inmate who is believed to be involved in the incident. The fight broke out in the sleeping area of the centre just before 5 in the morning Sunday.

Clement Defends Conservative Environmental Record

FedNor Minister Tony Clement is defending his Government's environmental record.  Clement was in Thunder Bay today and touted his government's resource development plan which he feels will clear the red tape for the Ring of Fire.  Meanwhile, Thunder Bay MP John Rafferty was in attendance and says the Conservatives are promoting their resource plan as away to distract residents from their environmental record.

City To Face Class Action Suit

The city is being put on notice that there's a class action lawsuit being started over the flooding of city basements. Lawyer Sandy Zaitzeff already has one plaintiff on board and wants more to join. He says the city should have known that it's sewage treatment plant wouldn't work.  None of the claims have been proven in court. City Manager Tim Commisso says he will not comment on the matter.

City Update Emergency Situation

The Emergency Operations Control Group is updating the city's state of emergency.  Acting Mayor Rebecca Johnson says the flood situation has moved to the top of the agenda for tonight's council meeting where they will be asking for a half-million dollars in initial cash to help set-up the City of Thunder Bay district relief fund. In other flood news, Manager of Infrastructure, Darrell Matson says he hopes one of the main pumps at the water treatment plant will be operational today. Meanwhile Lakehead University announced 160 residence beds will open to those displaced by the flooding. Currently there are more than 300 workers associated with the flood staying there.

Grandma Tells Harrowing Flood Tale

702 Atlantic Ave.
Just call him the miracle baby of this flood. Deven Kimbers is likely alive today thanks to a baby monitor and the instincts of his grandmother Janet Barber. Barber says she was in her home at 702 Atlantic Avenue early last Monday when she heard a toy squeaking through the baby monitor and went downstairs thinking the worst but found the 18 month old alive in his crib which was floating an teetering in the water. Barber says she has nightmares about the event over what could have happened.

Emergency Operations News Conference June 4, 2012 10 AM

Video streaming by Ustream

Cats Swept

The Thunder Bay Border Cats were swept by Rochester over the weekend, losing 5-1 yesterday in the finale. The Cats come home with a 1 and 4 record heading into their home opener tonight against Alexandria. The first pitch is set for 7:05 at Subway Field

Report On Bike Lane Safety

City Law makers will get to hear how safe the bike lanes on Victoria Ave. and Court Street are. Active Transportation Coordinator Adam Krupper says they'll present the findings of a third party company that studied the make up of the two routes. Krupper hopes the document will help put the public's mind at rest over the safety of the bike lanes.

Inmate Assaulted And Listed In Critical Condition

Thunder Bay Police are investigating an assault between two inmates at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre. One of the inmates had to be taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre with critical injuries. Police say the family has been notified of the assault. The second individual is now under investigation by Thunder Bay Police for the assault.

3 Deaths Investigated Near Kenora

Kenora O.P.P. are investigating the deaths of three people over the weekend. A 58 year old Winnipeg man died when his motorcycle crashed into a rock cut on Highway 11-17 near Caribou Lake. 2 American men are dead after their boat crashed into the shore on Ash Bay on Lake of the Woods. A Canadian man, also on board is in hospital and is listed in stable condition.