Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Murder charge laid in Poplar Hill death

Police say a 19 year old Poplar Hill First Nations resident is facing a charge in connection with a death in the community north of Red Lake on the weekend.  They say Curtis Moose is charged with Second Degree Murder after 20 year old Aaron Strang of Poplar Hill was found on the road with serious injuries and later pronounced dead.

Evacuated residents set to return

Nearly 400 people from two First Nations communities are being allowed to return home in Northwestern Ontario. The all-clear has been given for residents to return to the Sandy Lake and Fort Hope First Nations. It follows news this week that about 150 people from another Mishkeegogamang First Nation decided on their own to return home. There are still about three-thousand evacuees waiting for the smoke to clear so they can return home, as crews battle more than 100 fires in the region.

OPP prepare for weekend blitz

The OPP will be out in force his long weekend to enforce traffic laws. Sgt. Shelley Garr of the Thunder Bay OPP say they are trying to prevent serious accidents on the highway by going after the so called "big 4" causes of collisions;  aggressive driving, impaired driving, seat belts and distracted drivers.  Also police will be making sure drivers slow down when passing emergency vehicles on the shoulder of a road.

Potential phone scam warning

A listener to our radio station is concerned that some local residents could be taken in by a possible phone scam. He says that a person called him several times saying she was from the Microsoft computer maintenance department and claimed their computer was getting error messages from him. Police here say they haven't received any complaints and Microsoft's website says they never make unsolicited calls to help fix your computer

Beckwick appointed acting tourism boss

The city has its interim Tourism Manager to take over while Paul Pepe is handling the waterfront project.   Lisa Beckwick is moving from her position at Human Resources to run the tourism portfolio in an acting capacity.

LU prof weighs in on American debt crisis

Lakehead University economics professor Livio Di Matteo is disturbed a country like the United States is on the brink of a debt default. Di Matteo calls it irresponsible and doesn't believe the worst case scenario will happen. He thinks that instead of defaulting the government will shut down and programs will be suspended until the politicians work out a deal. Di Matteo is confident a solution will take place, it's only a matter of when

Police still looking for missing teen

Its been almost a month and there is still no sign of a 14 year old missing teen.  Kelsey Loon was last heard from on Canada Day and was reporting missing by her Guardian June 29.  Police Spokesperson Chris Adams says officers believe she is staying with friends in Thunder Bay.