Thursday, July 21, 2011

Airport winds gusts were 115 kph

A meteorologist says it's unlikely that a tornado may have touched down on the Thunder Bay Airport Wednesday night. However Environment Canada's Marie-Ev Giguere says they can't rule it out either.  She says so far they have not seen any pictures or damage to prove that it was a twister. However,  Giguere says wind gusts at the airport that evening were 115 kilometres per hour

Victim of accident identified

Police now know the name of the pedestrian who was killed after being hit by an SUV on Central Avenue Wednesday. He is 66 year old Peter Paul Perkovich of Thunder Bay. Police spokesperson Chris Adams says police were able to identify him through some old fashion police work when they matched some keys found on the man to a vehicle in the area.

Jeffrey tours fire zone

The Provinces's Minister of Natural Resources is getting a first hand look at how the forest fires in Northwestern Ontario are being handled.  Linda Jeffrey says she has flown over Red Lake 85 and has spoken with the organizers on the ground.  Jefferey says she will not declare a State of Emergency saying it wouldn't accomplishment anything more than what is taking place now

City continues to receive evacuees

About 800 more forest fire evacuees are expected to pass through Thunder Bay today on their way to other host communities in the North.   That's in addition to the thousand that passed through on Wednesday.  The Confederation College hangar at the airport is being used to house the evacuees while they wait in the city.

Herman accepts apology, drops legal action

Bob Herman says his legal issues with the Mayor are over now that Keith Hobbs has made a public apology over remarks Hobbs made in March. Herman says he served his libel notice on the Mayor to protect the integrity of the Chief's office. He says it's unfortunate it took 3 months to get done but says it's in the best interests of the community to put the issue behind. Herman says all he wanted was to get an apology.

Jury roll issue still haunts inquest

Three days are set aside in the City for a hearing prior to the Reggie Bushie Inquest.   An inquiry lawyer is planning to call a total of 5 witnesses to discuss the issue of First Nations representation on jury rolls in the Thunder Bay District.   The inquest will examine the circumstances surrounding the death of the 15 year old with a hope that recommendations will be made on preventing similar deaths of First Nations students who attend school in the City far from their homes.  The jury roll issue has so far prevented inquest from going ahead.

Storm damages airport

No one was injured after last night's storm ripped a portion of the roof off the Thunder Bay Airport Terminal building.  Metal sheeting flew off the building and damaged over a dozen cars in the parking lot.  It is business as usual today and so far there are no delays due to the damage.  The storm also knocked out power for over 6 thousand customers in the South of the city but crews have managed to restore power to all but around 400 customers.  Thunder Bay Hydro officials say it could be until later this afternoon before some areas are back online.