Friday, March 18, 2011

Fort Hope trip called productive

Another first for Mayor Keith Hobbs. He has just returned from a trip to the First Nations community of Fort Hope with City Manager Tim Commisso. Hobbs says they toured the community and both sides came away with a better understanding of each others needs.  Hobbs says they also talked of ways to accommodate people from Fort Hope to come to our city.  The mayor called the trip so productive they plan to visit other communities as well.

100 days at City Hall documented

A Thunder Bay filmmaker ready to release a documentary on the first 100 days of the new city council. Paul Moralee says his film takes us behind of scenes at City Hall. He says it follows not only the mayor and councillors but the workings of administration as well. The film makes it's debut at the Paramount Theatre on Thursday March 31st.

NAN wants CFBA scrapped

The Grand Chief of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation continues to fight against the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. Stan Beardy is leading the call for its termination and explains why. Beardy had originally called for the agreement to be terminated by mid-March. The CBFA is made up of 21 forest companies that want to control forest regulation.

32 year old found dead in Northeastern Ontario

A 32 year old Thunder Bay man has been found dead in James Township near Elk Lake.  A post mortam exam is taking place in Sudbury.  OPP say the name of the deceased is being withheld until his family is notified.

Bearskin delays service to Minneapolis

"The Bear" won't be taking you to Minneapolis anytime soon. Plans to offer service to the twin cities by Bearskin Airlines have been put on hold according to Vice President Cliff Friesen who blames the red tape.   He says approval from Homeland Security in the United States and the sale of the company are the problem. Friesen says the company now hopes to have the service running by the fall.

Air Canada scraps Ottawa to Thunder Bay flight

Air Canada has scrapped it's Ottawa to Thunder Bay direct route due to the rising cost of fuel.  The changes take effect May 1st.

Film Festival returns

The annual Northwest Film Fest is back for it's 18th year. This year 17 films are on tap. Organizer Marty Mascarin says he's amazed how popular the festival and how it's become a part of the city's culture. He says it's become a recruiting component for attracting physicians to the city. The festival takes place at Silver City on March 27th and April 3rd.

Hyer weighs in on contempt of parliment

Thunder Bay Superior North MP Bruce Hyer says lying in parliament should be strictly punished. The comments come after our newsroom asked for his thoughts on the Commons Committee investigating if the government should be found in contempt of Parliament. Hyer would like members caught lying to be suspended the first time and after that removed.  Hyer says he has considered putting forward legislation to prevent misleading statements. Hyer says he's watched the Harper Government skirt the truth for 2 and a half years.

Libyan situation continues to change

The Situation in Libya continues to move and change almost by the hour. In the latest development the Libyan Foreign Minister has declared a ceasefire. Lakehead University Political Science Professor Laure Paquette says the move could signal a number of possibilities.  The call could be only an attempt to prevent any bombings by Western Powers.  Paquette says it is unclear exactly what kind of ceasefire this is, will government forces defend themselves and will rebels also take part in the ceasefire.  Another possibility is a split in the government since the Foreign Minister made the announcement and not Gadhafi.  Paquette says it could also mean Gadhafi is just buying time to move forces close to civilians making it very harder to bomb without civilian deaths.

Former mill manager passes away

A former mill manager of the Abitibi Bowater mill here in Thunder Bay has passed away.  Lorne Crawford was also a member of the air ambulance board "ORNGE".  Crawford's funeral will take place Saturday in Dryden.

Small drug bust on South Side

Thunder Bay Police have made another drug bust.  Officers searched a house on the south side and found over 6 thousand dollars worth of drugs and over 18 hundred dollars in cash.  A 42 year old man was arrested and is facing charges.

Local Inflation rate drops

Thunder Bay saw a big drop in its inflation rate last month.  Our rate went from 3 percent in January to 2.4 last month.  That followed the provincial trend where Ontario went from 2.9 to 2.5.  The national rate went from 2.3 to 2.2 in February.