Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bombardier awarded for energy savings

Bombardier is setting a energy saving example in the city.  The facility has been given a Platinum Level Energy Savings Award from Thunder Bay Hydro for saving over 50 kilowatts of electricity.  A Spokesperson with the Utility Bill Willis says Bombardier will hopefully encourage other business to save energy.  Willis says Bombardier changed out old light fixtures for new energy efficient ones. 

Commisso touts centralized bargaining

The city manager could be stirring the labour pot with his reaction to the Drummond report to the provincial government. Tim Commisso says the city is interested in understanding more about the reports proposal for volunteered centralized bargaining with police and firefighters.  He says effectively they're already operating under a centralized system in the way they bargain, so it may be the way to go. Meantime Mayor Keith Hobbs goes one step further and says he'd like to see one police force for all of Ontario.

Hobbs goes to bat for Mauro

The Police Services act hearing for Sgt. Jim Mauro is now over. It ended with surprise witness Mayor Keith Hobbs speaking in defence of Mauro. Mauro is charged with two counts of misconduct under the act for a letter he presented to an arbitration hearing. Hobbs testified for about half an hour and called the whole procedure trying to kill a mosquito with an elephant gun . Meantime Mauro's family has issued a critical statement about the procedure and what they term an abuse of power

DSSAB makes it's move

The District Social Services Board is moving locations this weekend.  CAO Melissa Harrison says they'll be in their new building on May Street starting Tuesday.  In the meantime, emergency service will be provided Friday and Tuesday out of the Victoriaville Mall.

NOMA has concerns

The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association isn't pleased with Don Drummond's report to the Provincial Government.  Vice President Iain Angus says they don't like Drummond's suggestion that the Government delay by two years the planned upload of 1.5 billion in provincial costs from the municipal property tax base.  The Drummond report was released on Wednesday.

Campbell on Drummond Report

Kenora-Rainy River MPP Sarah Campbell says the Drummond Report gives Ontario a chance to move forward. The NDP member says its now up to all parties to ensure that the report is used to lead the Province in the right direction. Campbell is supporting recommendations to revisit the delivery of health care services, the creation of regional hydro utilities and a push to provide fair funding for First Nations' education. She adds that not all recommendations should be acted on, such as scrapping full-day kindergarten.

Rickford on scrapping gun registry

A feather in the cap for Kenora MP Greg Rickford.  The Conservative is beaming today following a vote to abolish the long gun registry passed in the House of Commons last night.  Rickford says it was a moving experience.  Rickford says the Legislation was misguided from day one as it penalized law-abiding citizens.

Gravelle on Drummond Report

The Drummond report on trimming Ontario's 16-billion dollar deficit is being welcomed by Thunder Bay-Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle. The Natural Resources Minister says the Government has to sit down and take a close look at the 362-recommendations. Gravelle believes there are some recommendations on health care and education which aren't possible.

Stabbing on South Side

Police are investigating a stabbing on the South side of town last night.  A 24 year old man was walking in a lane way off of May Street near Bethune and Cumming Streets when a second man used an unknown object to cut him.  The victim was taken to hospital to get his forearm looked at.  Constable Julie Tilbury says the two men were known to each other.

Taxi driver assaulted

Police are asking taxi drivers to not take the law into their own hands after a driver was assaulted over a fare. Constable Julie Tilbury says this morning a driver was transporting two men and a woman when they tried to flee without paying. The taxi driver grabbed one of the men and struggled with him. The second man attempted to choke the driver. The driver was able to escape unharmed. Police are continuing to investigate.

Hyer and Rafferty to be punished

The Conservative Federal Government has passed its bill to dismantle the national long-gun registry.  The vote was 159 to 130 with Thunder Bay's two New Democrats breaking party ranks to side with the Tory bill.  Interim N-D-P leader Nycole Turmel says John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer will face consequences.  The bill now goes on to the Senate, where a Tory majority ensures passage.  Hyer says frustrating is one of the nice words he'd use to describe Turmel and she's no Jack Layton.  Rafferty says nothing's changed since the first time they voted against party lines and there are no new penalties.

Police taser 25 year old

Police were forced to use a taser on a 25 year old man last night.  Officers were called to the Balsam Street area for an unknown problem, when a man swung at one of the officers with a shovel.  The suspect fled and was located a short distance away, this time the man produced a BBQ fork and attempted to stab the officer.  That's when police tasered the man to the ground.  Both officers and the accused are not injured.  He's charged with assault with a weapon and making threats to kill.

DSSAB budget set at 83 million

Thunder Bay's District Social Services Board will table it's 83 million dollar budget today. CAO Melissa Harrison says it's a 1.5 percent increase from last year's fiscal document  The City's share of the Municipal levy is seventy five percent or just over 18 million dollars.  Harrison thinks board members might choose to defer the budget until next Thursday's meeting.