Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drug bust at bus terminal

Narcotics police are reporting a drug bust at the Greyhound bus terminal Tuesday.  They say that a man from Quebec was found with cocaine, oxycodone, heroin and marijuana.   Total value of the drugs seized is almost 35 thousand dollars.

Oxy bust at airport

More oxycodone pills destined for First Nations territories has been confiscated by police. This time two men from Toronto have been charged by police after they were stopped at the Thunder Bay airport on Monday. Officers say they seized 440 tablets concealed in a body cavity. They say while the drugs would fetch 44 thousand dollars on the street in Thunder Bay, in remote First Nations communities they'd be worth 175 thousand dollars.

Highway 11 open again

Highway 11 near Beardmore is now open to traffic.  It was closed for several hours because a tractor trailer carrying a load of cars completely caught fire...that included all the cars that were in the load.  Police say there were about five of them, none new.    No one is hurt.

Missing teens found

City Police say two missing 17 year olds are safe. They say that Courtney Kwiah was found in the company of Chrisopther Suganaqueb. They were apparently hiding from police and family.

North B-I-A goes for image change

The Heart of the Harbour B-I-A is no more. It's been renamed the Waterfront District and chair Suzan Cooper-Rochon says the re-branding helps to connect the area to the new Prince Arthur's Landing project. The logo incorporates the north downtown skyline with a stylized Sleeping Giant.  The new logo was designed by Firedog Communications.

Hobbs says TBaytel belongs in city's hands...for now

Mayor Elect Keith Hobbs says in the right situation he would support selling TBaytel to the private sector. . Hobbs says right now it's a very good asset but when the time comes a sale might be something he would favour.  He says if the asset starts to become less viable then looking at a possible sale to the private sector should be looked at.  Meanwhile Hobbs is very supportive of the company's move into the television market.

Support seen for reviving boating group

There may be a new beginning for an old group that used to promote boating on Lake Superior.   A move is on to resurrect the North of Superior Marine and Marketing Association.   Thunder Bay Tourism Manager Paul Pepe says there was a fact finding meeting on Monday night where interested groups from Wawa to Thunder Bay gathered.  He believes the revival plan has broad support

TBaytel launches TV service

Shaw Cable and Satellite TV providers have new competition in town.  TBaytel has finally launched its highly touted digital TV service.  It was unveiled over the weekend almost 2 years after receiving CRTC approval.