Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thunder Bay Votes 2010

Thunder Bay's returning officer is gearing up for the upcoming municipal election.  John Hannam says the city is the first in the country to offer a mobile polling station.  Hannam says they'll be driving the voting van around the city during advance polls.  The van will be parked for a full day at both Confederation College and Lakehead University as a way to promote the youth vote.  If you're not sure if you're registered to vote in the upcoming municipal election; you can find out by checking the voter's list at City Hall or any of Thunder Bay's libraries.  More information on the upcoming 2010 municipal election is available at

Industry Minister vists Northwest

It was a campaign-style visit to Northwestern Ontario this week for Industry Minister Tony Clement. Clement spoke to a group of area leaders asking for their help in electing Maureen Comuzzi-Stehman. Clement is backing Stehman who is carrying the Conservative banner in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding. Clement criticized MP John Rafferty for the decisions he's made in Ottawa, suggesting they're not consistant with the values and principals of the riding. Meanwhile, seven groups around the Thunder Bay area are receiving FEDNOR dollars to hire youth interns. Clement says the organizations are taking advantage of a program that helps give young people some much needed work experience.

Focus North Forum comes to end

Canada's Northern Development Ministers are leaving Thunder Bay with a better sense of how they can help the north. Ontario's Minister of Northern Development Michael Gravelle says they're going to tackle the north's infrastructure deficit.  Gravelle says many communities have a hard time coming up with their share of funding for infrastructure projects.  Each provincial minister had the opportunity to speak with Federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan earlier in the day.  Gravelle used his time with the Minister to discuss the Northern Growth Plan.

Rogers and TBayTel are making strides on a Northwestern 3G network

TBayTel and Rogers are making progress on their joint project that will see a 3G network cover the region. Starting this month Rogers customers will start their transition into TBayTel coverage. TBayTel President Don Campbell says work on turning over the 3G network is on target and should be operational in Thunder Bay and other bigger centres in the region by November. Campbell says the partnership will also give customers a greater selection of hand held devices and services.

The Waterfront Project is facing cost overruns

The Prince Arthur landing project has seen a few ups and down recently on the financial front. A number of tenders have come in over budget forcing some alterations and postponements. Project Manager Katherine Dugmore says costs overruns are being dealt with by removing portions of the tenders or putting off  work to later dates. Dugmore says if council adds to the budget, 50 percent of the additional costs would come from taxpayers.

Terry Fox's parents remember

Today marks the day Terry Fox was forced to put an end to his cross Canada Marathon for Hope.  It was 30 years ago when Fox stopped in Thunder Bay.  His parents say today is bittersweet, and they'll be using the anniversary to pay tribute to him.  No official ceremony is planned in Thunder Bay.

Harvey wins conservative nomination

Richard Harvey needed two tries but he was finally chosen as the conservative representative for Thunder Bay Superior North at yesterday's party nomination meeting. Harvey lost last year to Michael Auld but had another chance after Auld bowed out due to health problems. Harvey defeated Richard Longtin for the federal nomination.

City unveils new voting machine

A new voting machine will make it easier for people with disabilities to cast their ballot during the municipal election. The City unveiled the unit at city hall yesterday. The machines cost between 35 and 40 thousand dollars to lease and support services for the machines will cost around 80 thousand.